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Company Description:

East China Seas is a commercial company set up by EU company and 4 Chinese factories with head office in Beijing, China and QC offices in Vietnam, India, Spain, Chile and Ecuador. In 2018, East China Seas started Acuática in Chile for export to China and the Americas of Salmon, Toothfish, King Crab, Stone crab, etc EXPORT FROM Asia: Shrimp/Camarones (China, India, Vietnam), Squid/Calamares, Farmed fish: (Tilapia, Panga/Basa, Pomfret, Barramundi) Sea caught fish: (Tuna, Cod, Alaska Pollock, Salmon, Sole, Red Fish) Sushi / Sashimi range: Frozen and dry. (Nori, Panko, Soy sauce, etc. + Frozen ebi, Saku, eel, etc.) IMPORT INTO China: Shrimp/Camarones (Central/South America, Argentina, Middle East) Squid (Argentina, Chile, Peru, USA, New Zealand) Fish (halibut) ACUATICA RANGE: Salmon whole, fillets, portions; King Crab, Toothfish, Stone Crab, Sierra, Mussels, Chilean Abalone.


Fin Fish, Other Seafood, Shellfish, Value-Added Seafood, Tuna, Tilapia, Salmon, Pollock, Halibut, Cod, Basa, Squid, Shrimp-Central America, Shrimp-Asian, Shrimp

Location & Contact Information:

C1904, HuaPu Garden, No.9, Dongzhimen South Street

Web: http://www.eastchinaseas.com
Telephone: +861064096818
Fax: +861064096950
Contact email: [email protected]

Argentina Pink Shrimp

Deep sea pink shrimp.


Black Tiger Shrimp

Vietnam, India, Bangladesh.

IQF HOSO, HLSO, PD or Block.

Golden Pomfret and Barramundi

Whole Round

Pangasius/ Basa


Fillet, steak, whole gutted, skewers, breaded.

Red and Pink Wild Shrimp


PUD, IQF and raw.

Squid Tubes and Rings


Todarodes, Illex, Arrow, Giant or Bartrami.

Tilapia Fillet, GS and Whole Round

China, Vietnam, India.

Best fillets from China.


Vietnam, Indonesia.

Loins, steaks, Saku block, belly.

Vannamei HOSO and HLSO

South/Central America (Ecuador, Venezuela, Panama), China, Vietnam, India, Iran.

Top quality for cookers, Food service and Retail.


Asia (China, Vietnam, India), raw, blanched or cooked, IQF or block.

Added value product such as breaded, tempura, skewer, Ebi, etc..