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Freshness is cumulative. Perishable distribution is a complex process with many hand-off points. Any break in the cold chain can have an adverse impact on product quality.Emerson Cargo Solutions provides end-to-end monitoring services to help safeguard the world’s food supply, reduce energy consumption, and protect the environment. Our product lines offer a one-stop-shop for cold chain monitoring, providing components you can leverage to monitor all perishable supply chain segments.


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Web: http://Emerson.com/Cargo
Telephone: +1-877-998-7299
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AutoSense Inbound

AutoSense is self-contained, utilizes cellular networks, and does not require IT departments to oversee installation or ongoing maintenance. Ultra Wireless Labels arrive at the location and are automatically uploaded by the readers. Temperature data is sent via a cellular modem to a cloud repository where text and email alerts are created and delivered to predefined individuals.

Reusable Temp and Humidity Logger

These loggers record temperature and humidity levels. Both ranges are programmable via the PakSense TH Software and all units are reusable. The LED screen allows users to view the current time and most recent temperature and humidity readings and any alarm conditions. Humidity and temperature data collected by the loggers can be downloaded, graphed, and saved electronically.

SmartTraxx GO

The SmartTraxx GO offers live monitoring and reporting of your product’s temperature and location from anywhere in the world. All data is encrypted and pushed to  the Locus Traxx  cloud-based monitoring portal, where alerts and status reports are sent to you via email or text message.

SmartTraxx GO Lux

Combining our real-time temperature and location reporting technology with a highly sensitive light sensor, the GO LUX detects unauthorized access to your high value assets during transit. Whether your cargo is at the border, a DOT checkpoint, or the Receiver’s dock, you know in real-time when and where your shipment is being accessed as well as the temperature of your product throughout the trip.

SmartTraxx GO XL Lux

Designing the battery life and software to support ocean bound cargo now means full coverage for your products on the road, in the port, and out on the water. When your ship leaves port, the GO XL Lux keeps track of the temperature. Every time the ship nears port, the unit automatically connects and pushes all of your data before the ship even docks. The XL Lux senses light, alerts you when your products are at risk on the road and records when doors are opened at the dock.

Ultra Contact

Ultra Contact Labels take a surface read of the object to which they are attached, sampling temperature every minute to ensure significant temperature events are captured. Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) will signify if a preprogrammed temperature has been breached and all data collected by the label can be downloaded via the PakSense Contact Reader into graphs and summary statistics. 


UltraNFC Labels are flat and transfer time/temperature data via short-range near field communications (NFC) using NFC-enabled Android™ phones and tablets. Label data is immediately available on the screen of the Android device via the PakSense Label Viewer mobile application.


XpressPDF Labels are flat and feature an integrated USB connection point, which can be plugged directly into the USB port of a computer. Once connected, the label automatically generates a PDF file containing complete time and temperature history, including graphs and summary data.