Esro Seafood B.V.

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Esro seafood B.V. is an import/export company based in The Netherlands. Seafood products are imported from all over the world and are exported all over Europe.We supply to wholesale, foodservice and retail.With our 'Blue World' brand and other products we focuss on supplying quality products.Esro seafood B.V. / Blue WorldQuality is the standard


Fin Fish, Shellfish, Value-added Seafood, Hamachi, Tuna, Salmon, Sablefish, flatfish, Lake Victoria Perch, Chilean sea bass, Cod, Crab, Lobster, Mussels, Scallops

Location & Contact Information:

De Huufkes 68
5674 TM

Telephone: +31402907086
Contact email: [email protected]

Black cod

Black codOrigin: Canada

consumer/retail packaging red tuna steaks

Consumer/retail packaging for retailers300 gram; 2 steaks of each 140-160 grskin packed (vacuum)# Fresh# Sustainable (MSC)# Beautiful red colour

Hamachi fillets

Hamachi filletsorigin: Japan

Mussel meat

Mussel meatOrigin: Chile

Nile perch fillets

Nile perch filletsOrigin: Tanzania

Oilfish fillets

Oilfish filletsOrigin: Indonesia/Vietnam

Red tuna loins

Sashimi Grade Yellowfin TunaMSC or non-MSCred homogene colourstorage at -18°C

Red tuna saku

Sashimi grade Yellowfin tuna sakuMSC or non-MSCred homogene colourstorage at -18°C

Red tuna steaks

Sashimi Grade Yellowfin Tuna steaksMSC or non-MSCred homogene colourstorage at -18°C

Soft shell crab

Soft shell crabOrigin: Vietnam