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We specialize in sustainable Open Ocean aquaculture. With 14 years' experience we designed and now operate the world's largest offshore net cage system. Using our unique tailor-made technology, we can install our systems in any possible habitat, suiting all fish species with less harmful effect on the environment and superb water quality. The company also offers its clients complementary products, such as biomass estimation cameras and designated marine vessels, further increasing performance and capabilities specially designed for the unique offshore operation conditions.


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Gilboa Street 4
PO Box 188,
Bnei Dror

Telephone: +972-52-5359933
Fax: 09-7738847
Contact email: [email protected]

SUBflex net cage system

GiliOcean Technology has designed and operates the world’s largestoffshore commercial fish farm. We move fish into the open sea, their naturalhabitat, where the oxygen levels are ideal andthe natural micro-elements help the fish grow faster and healthier,with negligible use of antibiotics. Our system has the ability tosubmerge protecting the cages and the fish from harsh weatherconditions. Our use of flexible materials and a single point mooring meansthat our system can rotate 360° and adapt itself to the ever-changing waves and currents. 

Turnkey projects from A-Z

Every GiliOcean project is tailor made to suite customers needs and preferences taking into count all of the projects aspects, including locating and bringing the relevant service providers, finding the optimal sight by conducting a thorough feasibility study (sea conditions and market demands), design and construction of land and sea facilities (hatchery and nursery, marine vessels, net cages etc.) and ending with operation management and training for the local team.