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Grasselli S.p.A. designs, manufactures and sells advanced protein skinning and slicing equipment and solutions on international markets. The cornerstone of the company for the last 25 years, the development of high yield slicing and portioning machines is the core business, built upon a profound knowledge of the industry and the expertise of highly-skilled personnel. Grasselli is specialized in offering solutions that allow the elimination of potentially dangerous manual operations, reducing accidents in the workplace. We are the only company in the industry boasting decades of experience in internationally patented safety systems for our skinning and derinding machines, such as the CLO and WLO, the only wireless safety system on the market with the capacity to cut out any accident risks and bring performance to the highest levels. The constant research of innovation and the development of new technology to better service our customers is the key mission of our R&D in order to always increase the quality and performance of the art of slicing.


PACKAGING/PACKAGING EQUIPMENT, PROCESSING EQUIPMENT, Packaging Machinery, Cutting or Sawing Machinery, Portioning Equipment, Skinners/Scalers/Peelers, Slicers, Processing Equipment

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Via S. D'Acquisto, 2/c
Albinea (RE)

Telephone: 00390522599745
Fax: 390522598147
Contact email: [email protected]

GBS - Band saw slicer for frozen and/or bone-in products

Able to slice frozen and/or bone-in products on pre-determined thickness, the GBS results in high productivity with significant labor cost savings.
The automatic loading and the overall efficiency of this slicing system allows for higher standards of quality and better performance while using a fraction of the workforce generally needed.
 - Maximum automation and flexibility of the slicing and processing flow; - Maximum yield of the sliced product; - Significant reduction of labor costs; - Excellent slicing quality, also due to blade-life checking mechanism. 

NAB SS - Automatic fish fillet skinner

High output and easy to use fish fillet skinner. It guarantees accuracy and precision even with the most delicate products. 
Fully automatic, ideal for in-line solutions. Constant output and efficiency over time with less maintenance, thanks the extremely robust construction. 

NSL - Vertical slicer

Vertical slicer for obtaining perfectly even parallel slices, thanks to the Grasselli multi-blade cutting system. Extreme precision even for thinner slices, and high yields: a technologically advanced solution for processing fresh products.  - Optional quick blade changing system for replacing the entire set of blades in just a few minutes; - No tools needed to prepare for the cleaning process; - Adjustable cutting parameters to allow the maximum quantity of product to be sliced;  - Possibility to cut also crust frozen products with a temperature of -4/-5 degrees; - Extremely versatile with a wide range of slicing options; - Special solutions available on request (such as cutting chambers with differentiated cutting thicknesses).

T300 F - Compact membrane skinner for fresh fish

Compact membrane skinner for fresh fish. Guarantees excellent results in spite of the reduced size. 
 - Compact dimensions, minimum space requirements; - No tools needed to prepare for the cleaning process; - Usable working width of 300 mm; - Cleaning system using water; - Fitted with a container for collecting the skins to prevent them from falling, allowing the water used during the process to be drained away. 

TSL - Cooked Tuna Slicing Line

The first Grasselli line for cooked tuna slicing is designed to guarantee perfect tuna fillets for the filling of jars while minimizing the waste due to cutting operations. 
The launch of the Grasselli slicing system in the tuna industry guarantees significant advantages for the production of superior quality products while allowing for unparalleled performance and waste reduction with a fraction of the work force generally needed.
 - Superior slicing quality; - Significant waste reduction compared to standard slicing systems; - Up to 50% labor costs reduction; - Quick ROI.