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Hottlet Frozen Foods distributes the brands EPIC and EPIC select all over Europe. We offer a wide range of high quality seafood products, mainly of asian origin. Based close to the Antwerp port, Hottlet Frozen Foods distributes the EPIC range from their own state of the art coldstore facilities to customers all over Europe. Rigid quality controlls performed by our own QC team and over 40 years of experience in the seafood business ensure a reliable product at competitive prices.


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Heiveldekens 4

Telephone: 003234513131
Fax: 003234513130
Contact email: [email protected]

ASC Pangasius

ASC certified, no additives used: this is pangasius the way it should be.

Black Tiger shrimps Body Peeled

Combines the attractive look of a head-on shrimp with the convenience of a peeled and deveined shrimp.

Oreo Dory

Refined, unique taste, delicate textures: properties that explain the popularity of this fish.

PD Shrimps

Convenience at it's best: nicely peeled and deveined shrimps sourced from top producers.

Premium tuna

A tasty juicy tuna portion with an appealing red color.

Red shrimps Argentina

Experience the taste of wild caught coldwater prawns. Unique!!!

Salmon skewer

Barbecue and salmon: a match made in heaven. Thanks to the heavenly taste of the EPIC salmon skewer.

Seaweed Salad

Looking for healthy food loaded with taste? In that case our seaweed salads definitely will tempt you.

Squid tubes

One of our high volume items. Popular because of the mild taste and ideal texture.

Surimi chunks

The product for salad producers: stable quality and color to garantuee a perfect end product.