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Seafood Expo North America

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ICL Food Specialties is a Global leader in providing ingredient systems that deliver texture and stability to food and beverage products. Guided by a thorough understanding of the unique needs of our customers and the challenges of the industry, we deliver tailored formulations that optimize the texture and sensory experience. We understand the global trends that inspire food and beverage product development. Our ingredients enable these innovations.


Coatings, Condiments & Seasonings, Fin Fish, Shellfish, Additives, Coatings, Condiments, Catfish, Tilapia, Scallops, Shrimp

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622 Emerson, Ste. 500
St. Louis
United States

Web: http://www.iclfood.com
Telephone: 314-983-7500
Contact email: [email protected]


High-performing solutions for restoring the natural water binding capacity of the rawmuscle proteins. An extensive portfolio for a variety of seafood applications.