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Innotec Systems, based in the Netherlands, designs and manufactures innovative food processing equipment for the shrimp / shellfish industry. Our strength and focus is on cooking and cooling technology which achieves the best product yield and quality. Our patented 3 temperature zones Impingement Flash "Rainfall Shower" Cooker has the lowest yield loss in the industry. Our equipment can be found in most industry leading processors that want to take their production process to the highest possible efficiency. 


Location & Contact Information:

van der Kunstraat 1a
NL-4251 LN

Telephone: +31-18-366-1973
Fax: +31-18-366-1977
Contact email: [email protected]

Conveying Systems

The Conveying Systems are for the transport of shrimp by belts, vibrators, and screws.

Impingement Flash Cooker

The Impingement Flash Cooker is a water shower cooker (not a bath), specially designed for cooking shrimp. By using hot water, the cooking temperature can be accurately controlled; one of the most important features when cooking shrimp. One degree higher or lower can substantially effect cooking results and yield.

Impingement technology is founed on the principle that every piece of product (shrimp) is surrounded by a static layer of air. This layer insulates the product from the environment and interferes with heat transfer. Our IF technology breaks this static layer and cooks the shrimp immediately. Furthermore the 3 temperature zones create a superb cooking curve that other cookers can not achieve.

Shrimp Belt Chiller

The Shrimp Belt Chiller chills the shrimp immediately after the cooking process.

Shrimp Belt Cooker

The Shrimp Belt Cooker is our newly developed ‘Impingement Flash’ Cooker with high yield and excellent product quality.

Shrimp Cleaning Systems

The Shrimp Cleaning Systems are for cleaning shrimp by taking out plastic, pieces of shell and attennae.

Shrimp Glazing System

Our Shrimp Glazing System creates an ice-layer on the frozen shrimp.