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JAX INC. is a US-based, International Industrial Lubricant Manufacturer with expertise formulating high-performance synthetic lubricants, fleet and heavy-duty lubricants, industrial lubricants, biodegradable and specializing in Food-Grade Lubricants. Since 1955, JAX has earned a worldwide reputation as a leader in emergent lubrication technology in over 50 countries.

JAX is committed to offering the Seafood Industry cutting-edge lubricant technology formulated for the "oil-to-water" ship interfaces that require EAL/VGP compliant lubricant products to food-grade lubricants in all aspects of the seafood plant process.

JAX is focused to be a comprehensive lubricant company that prides itself on exceeding the needs of the seafood industry from ship to shore. JAX has become integral to countless maintenance programs around the world not only for high- quality lubricants but also for aerosols, food safety programs and training classes to meet the diverse needs of our customers. Think of us as your partners in making your innovations work hard, and your tried processes run smoother.


Products & Services - Non-Food, Additives/Processing Aids/ Ingredients, Consulting, Lubricants, Parts/Equipment

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W134 N5373 Campbell Drive
Menomonee Falls
United States

Web: http://www.jax.com
Telephone: 262-781-8850
Contact email: [email protected]

Angel Guard-Seemer Fluid

These NSF H1 (100% Synthetic) high-performance fluids will provide enhanced wear protection and long fluid life for high-speed beverage can seamers manufactured by Angelus Sanitary Can Machine Company. Two formulations are available to handle the variety of products packaged with Angelus Seamers. Both incorporate Micronox®, JAX antimicrobial technology for enhanced product protection.

Compresyn 545

Patent-pending, revolutionary FG-H1 100% Tri-Synthetic fluids for extended, long drain performance in compressor and vacuum pump applications (ISO 46, 100).

Dry-Glide Silicone

With up to five times more dry friction reduction over average sprays, Dry-Glide can be used anywhere that friction needs to be eliminated. Contains Micronox®. NSF H1.

Food Grade Penetrating Oil

A food-grade, high-performance penetrating oil and excellent spray-down oil that helps eliminate flash rust after pressure washing or steam cleaning. Contains Micronox®. NSF H1

Halo-Guard FG Series

This series of revolutionary food-grade grease is manufactured with an advanced, proprietary calcium sulfonate complex thickener. This newly enhanced thickener technology provides exceptional mechanical stability, very high load-carrying (E.P.) ability and remarkable rust and corrosion control. In addition, JAX Halo-Guard FG has excellent water resistance and outstanding high-temperature performance abilities. This technology is combined with a new high viscosity, partial synthetic food-grade base fluid to make JAX Halo-Guard FG the best high-performance, food-grade grease for heavily-loaded applications. This is a true high-performance, plant-wide food-grade grease. Halo-Guard FG-2 is available in aerosol and trigger spray.

Magna Plate 22

This is a unique NSF H1, 100% synthetic grease formulated for freezers and other applications where temperatures can approach -50°F (-46°C) and lower. It has excellent wear and rust protection in an extremely pumpable grease.

Magna Plate 60

Specially formulated to exceed the needs of vessel and land based seafood hydraulic systems.

Product Benefits: H-1 food grade, mineral oil based, low pour point, excellent lubricating properties. Magna-Plate 60 has been used with great success in seafood processing hydraulic systems where a low pour point is required. It can be a lower cost alternative to applications where a synthetic is being used, without compromising the needs of the hydraulic system.

Magna Plate 78

The food industry standard for high-performance antiwear oil lubrication. A heavy, tackified, antiwear and extreme-pressure food-grade oil for positive protection on overhead chains and conveyors, can seamers, in circulating and drip systems, on can lid cams, or anywhere an NSF H1 lubricant film is needed.

Magna Plate 80

These NSF H1 synthetic fluids are formulated with antiwear, rust inhibitor and ”non-drip“ additives for freezer chain and conveyor lubrication. The base fluids are food-grade synthetic oils with pour points as low as -90°F. These fluids have excellent penetration properties and are perfect for extreme low temperatures.

Magna Plate 320FG-HG3

JAX Magna-Plate 320FG-HG3 is manufactured from shear-stable, high quality white oils and 100% synthetic base oils and is fortified with the most advanced additive technology available to deliver the highest levels of performance in food-grade industrial gear application. While specifically designed to provide unequaled corrosion protection, Magna-Plate 320FG-HG3 also reduces maintenance costs by extending drain intervals and providing enhanced protection against wear and pitting.