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LANGGUTH is an 80 year old family owned manufacturer of labelers used globally by the seafood industry.  Our portfolio includes labelers for short tuna cans, tapered tall salmon cans, and sardine cans with pull tab lids.  

Hot melt, cold glue, and pressure sensitive labelers are matched to customer requirements.  Providing inline and rotary labeler formats, LANGGUTH delivers both flexibility and economy.  Reliability is always guaranteed.  For those remote packing locations, LANGGUTH’s reliability provides piece of mind.    


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109 Randall Drive
N2V 1C5

Telephone: 519-888-0099
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Hot Melt Inline

hotLAN® 310, LANGGUTH’s inline hot melt labeler, provides excellent value.  High output, mechanical simplicity, and very easy changeover make this labeler the perfect choice for short 2 piece cans and tall cylindrical 3 piece cans.  Seafood packers around the world have relied on this labeler for decades. 

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Hot Melt Rotary

hotLAN® 330, LANGGUTH’s rotary hot melt labeler, meets the demands of high speed, flexible production. When tapered containers and shaped labels are added to the product mix, this rotary labeler easily meets the requirement for virtually any can dimension. 

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Your Primary Package is Our Primary Concern

Pressure Sensitive Inline

selfLAN® 510, LANGGUTH’s inline pressure sensitive labeler provides unmatched flexibility in running self adhesive labels.  High output, mechanical simplicity, and very easy changeover mark the benefits of the selfLAN. For jars, cans, and cases of almost any shape, these labelers are highly reliable.

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Wet Glue Inline

wetLAN® 110, LANGGUTH’s inline wet glue series, encompasses a family of highly flexible inline wet glue labelers. High output, mechanical simplicity, and very easy changeover mark the benefits of the wetLAN® 110 series. For cold glue labeling of jars, cans, and cases, these labelers have been the industry gold standard for generations.   

Video:Spot & Full Wrap Labeler