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Seafood Processing North America

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Praxair provides nitrogen and carbon dioxide in liquid, cryogenic form for freezing, chilling, and snowing of seafood products. The equipment systems for freezing or chilling seafood are manufactured by Praxair to ensure efficient use of the cryogen gas to provide precise temperature control. Praxair oxygen and delivery systems maintain high dissolved oxygen levels in fish farming and other aquaculture applications


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7000 High Grove Blvd
Burr Ridge
United States

Telephone: 630-320-4000
Fax: 630-320-4508
Contact email: [email protected]

ColdFront cryovantage tunnel freezer

The versatile CryoVantage Tunnel Freezer is engineered to meet lower capital outlay and meet improved sanitary clean-up standards. These workhorse freezers are capable of freezing and chilling a wide variety of products and are an integral part of your continuous processing operation. The freezer incorporates many proven technologies that ensure quick, thorough freezing maintaining the quality attributes of your products.

In line with your production flow, your product moves through the tunnel freezer on a continuous conveyer belt. Cryogen gas injected into the freezer contacts the individual food product pieces for optimum heat transfer.

CRYOLINE® CF cabinet freezer

This industrial-sized freezing cabinet is available as a single or twin model for extra capacity. It is designed to hold either single or double racks for convenient batch chilling, using either liquid nitrogen or carbon dioxide. The cabinet freezer is built with stainless steel components, fully welded inside and fitted with a minimal number of internal parts that need removal during cleaning for optimal sanitation and quick turnaround between product cycles. The control panel is water resistant and capable of storing up to 10 recipes for different product cycle times and temperature requirements.