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MULOT SAS, THE FRENCH SPECIALIST IN EQUIPMENT FOR THE SHELLFISH INDUSTRY Since 1971, the company MULOT specialist in equipment for the shellfish industry, offers a wide range of equipment and accessories based on listening to the customer and its needs. Oyster and mussel producers are the heart of our customers and our know-how. Mulot equipment is presenting all growing regions of France. We export our materials and equipment for the shellfish industry to processors and aquaculturists in 25 countries around the world.The confidence of our customers represents the best publicity in the shellfish world, where everyone knows each other. The company MULOT, a team of professionals for professionals of the sea. MULOT SAS, the answer to your needs.


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21 Rue Des Brassons

Telephone: 33546360889
Contact email: [email protected]

Bagging machines

We have a large range of bagging machines to pack a variety of weight configuration among all kinds of shellfish including oysters, mussels and clams. The units are extremely versatile and have good accuracy for small package types while also allowing for speedy production of larger bag sizes.

Debyssing machine for mussels

This equipment allows for the removal of mussel byssal threads replying to your customers needs for a ready to cook product. It has different models with output from 100kg to 1500kg / hour.

Electronic linear vision calibrating machine for oysters

This equipment is designed for calibrating oysters by their size. This equipment enables fast and efficient grading of various market grades as well as grading for husbandry purposes. Everything is programmable to suit your needs!

Roller grader for mussels

This equipment is ideal to sort your different mussels sizes according to your market needs. It can be adjustable to cover a broad range of production capacities and product sizes.

Vibrating oyster grader

This compact and robust equipment sorts seed and juvenile oysters during their production cycle. It is available from 1 to 4 grades.