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Musholm is an ASC and organic certified aquaculture company specialized in sea farming of trout of the species Oncorhynchus mykiss. Our production is vertically integrated as we cover the entire life cycle of the fish from egg and smolt to large fish reared in sea farms. Musholm has a modern processing plant and a computerized traceability system for complete tracking of all its products. Our head office is situated in the port of Reersoe approx. 110 km west of Copenhagen. Our hatcheries and smolt farms are situated in Jutland and our sea farms in the Great Belt. At 2-3 years of age the trout is harvested and has attained sizes ranging from 1 to 5 kg with the majority between 2-4 kg. Fresh trout from Musholm is available during the harvesting season from October until the beginning of January. Musholm produces trout roe into various products, e.g. Sujiko and Ikura for the Japanese market, – and fresh and frozen trout eggs (caviar), lightly salted, pasteurized in jars or naturel in special packings for food-service and retailers.


Fin Fish, General Category, Other Seafood, Rainbow Trout, Trout, Aquaculture/Farm-Raised, Caviar-Trout, Roe, Roe Salmon

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Strandvejen 101

Telephone: 4558800680
Fax: 4558859796

Fresh & frozen trout (Onc.mykiss)

Sea farmed
0,6-0,9 kg head on
0,9-1,4 kg head on
1,4-1,9 kg head on
1,9-2,5 kg head on
2,5-3,0 kg head on
3,0-4,0 kg head on

Trout & Salmon roe - Ikura

Salted trout/salmon eggs (3-4 % salt)
Fresh or frozen
250 gr
500 gr
1,0 kg pails