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The Myanmar Pavilion (Hall 8-4569) presents 6 experienced suppliers, the Myanmar Fishery Products Processors & Exporters Association (MPEA) and the online Seafood Trade Intelligence Portal (STIP), representing the full seafood variety of this country. The seafood sector in Myanmar has a large potential to contribute to food security, employment and economic development. It has shown dynamic development during the past period and is expected to show its full potential in the coming years. Myanmar is endowed with rich natural resources and has quite a few commercially interesting products, like rohu, shrimp, soft shell crab and pangasius, to offer. Moreover, the EU import limitations for farmed products like shrimp, soft shell crab and various fish species have been lifted recently. CBI supports the Myanmar seafood sector through an intensive more year export coaching programme aiming to contribute to sustainable economic development through the expansion of exports from Myanmar to Europe.


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Prinses Beatrixlaan 2, 2595 AL
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The Hague

Telephone: +31 (0)88 60 24300
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Ayeyarwady Fisheries Limited (AFL) is a 100% export oriented seafood processing company with an egg-to-table fully traceable concept, whose focus lies on seawater cultured shrimp (Vannamei), sea caught shrimp (Sea Tiger, White, Pink) and Pangasius white fish fillets. Established in 2001, AFL plays a leading role in advanced cultured shrimp and fish farming in the country.

AFL is fully vertically integrated with a strong foundation policy allowing it to provide the world with chemical free, highest quality natural seafood products while preserving the environment.

The company operates 3 fish hatcheries, 2 shrimp hatcheries, 4 areas of fish farming and 4 areas of semi-intensive sea water shrimp culture. It is the biggest, and only semi-intensive, sea water shrimp culture site in Myanmar. Ayeyarwady is committed to serving customers with safe and clean products from Myanmar pristine water, manufactured under the highest standards of hygiene.

CBI - export development & promotion

CBI is the Centre for the Promotion of Imports from developing countries, a Netherlands government organization contributing to sustainable economic development in developing countries through the expansion of exports from these countries. CBI has more than 45 years of experience in export development and export promotion from developing countries to the EU in particular. Besides the now presented seafood sector from Myanmar in the last years CBI worked intensively with the seafood sector of Indonesia, Vietnam, and several Latin American countries. Recently CBI has started new more year export programmes for the fisheries sector in Central America and Senegal.


Emdees Marine products started its operations in Myanmar in the year 2010 in a shared factory. Since then we have been able to grow all over the globe with our strict quality control and wide range of products. We currently operate TT COLD STORE which is exporting over 6000 tons of Freshwater and sea water frozen fish in 18 countries. With a state of the art HACCP certified production line and a workforce of 170 people, Emdees is a leading quality fish exporter from Myanmar. Our facility includes daily freezing capacity of 36 tons and a storage of over 1500 tons. Our products are sold across the EU market and the USA, an we have a strong presence in the middle east countries.


Hlaing Htate Khaung was established to serve our customers with excellent quality rohu, hilsha and other fresh water and marine products. Our vision and spirit have always been led by the desire to bring to your dining table hygienic and fresh quality fishery products. Our products are exported to the EU, USA and UAE, and recently we expanded to the Chinese market.

Coming from fish farming since 2003, we are running a processing factory since 2007 and marketing with full control of the value chain. We established a 1000 metric tons cold store in Yangon, Myanmar. The factory has established the required quality control system including GMP and HACCP and we are building up further quality management system (ISO 9001: 2008) and also practicing the environment management system (ISO 14001: 2008).


May Yu Marine Products Co., Ltd. (MYM) is a processor and exporter of marine products in Myanmar such as Rohu, Mirgal, Katla, Ayer, Boal and other fresh water fish & Prawn as well as Pomfret, Red Snapper, Indian Mackerel, Squid and other Seawater species. MYM procures raw materials from unpolluted water, support sustainable developments and processes in newly renovated premises on a high hygienic standard. It ensures uncompromised quality control in every step of the value chain to satisfy the need of their loyal customers.

Operating since 1995, MYM achieved several top export awards from the Ministry of Commerce, FAO and Live Stock & Fisheries for eight times. MYM seriously and sincerely adheres to the health and safety standards of the industries and continuously improves its performance to offer the best quality food products with the highest standard of safety. MYM values “Quality and Health for All”.

EU Approved / Global UK HACCP / DOF HACCP / USFDA


MEF International Company Limited (MEF), established in 2014, is now one of the leading soft shell crab producers, packers and exporters in Myanmar. Our organic farm is located in Kyauk Tan Township, near Yangon, as well as in Lutputtar Township, Ayerwaddy Division, Delta Region of Myanmar. MEF International Company Limited produces premium soft shell crab in MEF Cold Store factory. MEF's cold storage processing and storage facilities conform to strict hygiene requirements in the food industry to ensure impeccable product quality at all times. Our factory holds HACCP certificate and follows GMP. MEF factory has been approved to export to the EU. Nowadays, MEF International Company Limited is exporting to many countries like Thailand, Hong Kong, China, Australia, Japan and the United States of America. We also upgrade our efforts to penetrate into Arab countries, Russia and the European Union.


Mega Marine Frozen Seafood Company Ltd exports various kinds of salt- and freshwater fish, including but not limited to rohu, hilsha and mrigal. The quality of fish is strictly controlled throughout the value chain – from raw material selection at the landing sites over processing to exporting.
The company’s plant is well equipped with modern processing lines as well as with skilled and experienced workers. Quality management systems ensure that products are of the best quality, of highest purity and in competitive price ranges.

Mega Marine Frozen Seafood Company Ltd was established in 2004 and has a branch in Singapore. It exports to Europe, North America, the Gulf region and several Asian countries.


The Myanmar Fishery Products Processors & Exporters Association (MPEA) represents the interests of Myanmar companies that concentrate on global export of fisheries products. The association collates and amalgamates the concerns of different segments and section of the Myanmar seafood industry.

Its objective is to compile demands and requirements such as standards of food safety pertinent to different regions and markets. Thus sharing with over 300 members the relevant information and contacts as well as the means to act upon the data.

MPEA also seeks to support the government and international organizations in their aim to bring about the desired and necessary structural changes in Myanmar. These changes will benefit Myanmar businesses- simplifying export and enabling the companies to reliably manufacture high quality products with cost effectiveness.


The Seafood Trade Intelligence Portal (STIP) is an independent social enterprise aiming to increase transparency in seafood supply chains and develop investment partnerships, with the goal of creating a more sustainable seafood industry. Founded in 2013, STIP is backed by the Dutch NGO Solidaridad Network.

STIP is a membership-based intelligence portal that develops online products such as ShrimpTails- an online magazine reporting on important developments in the global shrimp sector- and a Farm Gate Price Portal. Besides its online products, STIP offers tailor-made consultancy and matchmaking services, as well as reports on seafood markets, production and investment opportunities.

Learn more about STIP by going to and read its ShrimpTails magazine at