Nisbet Oyster Co., Inc.

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Company Description:

Nisbet Oyster Co., Inc. is a privately held Washington State seafood farming and processing company located on the Willapa Bay, trading under the "Goose Point Oysters" brand since 1975. Offerings include premium oysters and innovative value added shellfish products. As a vertically integrated oyster hatchery, farm and processor, we’re very fortunate to sustainably grow and harvest our own oysters year-round. Our pristine growing waters, SQF certified and inspected processing facility, and novel processes mean that all our products achieve the highest levels of safety and quality.


Location & Contact Information:

PO Box 338
Bay Center
United States

Telephone: 360-875-6629
Fax: 360-875-6684
Contact email: [email protected]

Blue Seals™

Our unique BLUE SEAL oysters reduce the risk of Vibrio parahaemolyticus (Vp)  by using FRESHER UNDER PRESSURE, a state of the art COLD PASTEURIZATION TECHNOLOGY.  This process has been verified in accordance with the US National Shellfish Sanitation Program to reduce Vp to non-detectable levels further insuring the safety of our products.  We are the only West Coast processor using this unique process. This process Pre-Shucks the oyster without destroying the shell but also retains the natural moisture, texture and flavor while enhancing shelf life.  

Goose Point Oyster Shooter

Go ahead, take a shot! Goose Point Oyster Shooters are packed fresh and ready to eat.  Consisting of a cold pasteurized premium extra small oyster with our signature cocktail sauce and packed in a traditional 1.5oz shot glass.  Also available in custom logo glasses as well.  These are the perfect addition to any offering so be sure to grab yours today!