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Nordic Aquafarms is a leading international land-based (RAS) seafood farming company with business operations in Norway, Denmark, and the US. The company produces salmon and Yellowtail Kingfish. In a matter of four years, Nordic Aquafarms has become one of the most profiled international seafood innovators in the world. The company´s land-based production designs eliminate escape risk, exposure to parasites, the need for sea lice medications, and the majority of nutrient associated with discharge. GMO, antibiotics and growth hormones are not used. More than 90% of fresh seafood is imported into the US. Our new facilities in Maine and California will serve the US market with fresh, fully traceable fish with a low environmental impact. Nordic Aquafarms produces fresh seafood close to the customer that can be consumed with a good conscience!


Fin Fish, General Category, Fin Fish, Hiramasa, Salmon - Atlantic, Salmon, Aquaculture/Farm-Raised

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511 Congress Street, Suite 500
United States

Telephone: 207-323-6733
Contact email: [email protected]

Landbased Atlantic Salmon

Fresh quality and sustainable landbased fish close to the customer that can be consumed with a good conscience!