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For over 100 years, people have trusted Phillips to mean seafood at its best. Phillips’ pasteurized crab meat, recognized nationwide as the category leader, is hand-picked & packed following the highest quality control standards. An extensive line of value-added seafood items for foodservice & retail, from award-winning crab cakes & seafood appetizers to gourmet seafood soups & entrées, has given both time-pressed chefs & quality-focused grocery consumers a wide range of easy-to-prepare menu options.


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3761 Commerce Drive
Suite 413
United States

Telephone: 443-263-1200
Fax: 410-837-8526
Contact email: [email protected]

Crab & Seafood Cakes

America’s #1 selling brand of frozen crab cakes, made with our own brand of crab meat and time-tested family recipes, perfected in our seafood restaurants. Available in Retail in Maryland Style, Maryland Style Mini, Boardwalk, Coastal, and Crab & Shrimp Cakes to meet every menu and budget. Also available in Foodservice.

Crab Rangoon

A mouth-watering mix of premium crab meat, cream cheese, and the finest Asian seasonings stuffed inside a crisp,hand-rolled Chinese pastry. Includes Pineapple Chili Dipping Sauce for a sweet, spicy kick.

Crispy Dim Sum

Handmade in Asia, these crispy wonton wrappers are stuffed with succulent shrimp and authentic Asian ingredients such as ginger and sesame. Each case contains three varieties: Spring Rolls, Wontons, and Money Bags. Includes Pineapple Chili Dipping sauce for a sweet, spicy kick.

Gourmet Tuna

Delicious, meaty Yellowfin tuna fillets packed in olive oil and loaded with flavor and lean protein. Liven up salads, sandwiches, and pasta entrées with our high-quality, wild-caught, hand-packed tuna.

Majestic Blue Colossal Clawfingers 20/40

Featuring sweet, flavorful crab meat wild-caught from the waters of Mexico, our Colossal Claw Fingers are hand-picked and pasteurized according to Phillips’ strict standards of quality and safety & provide chefs and operators an alternative to domestic blue crab without sacrificing on quality or consistency.

Majestic Blue Crab Meat

Majestic Blue Crab Meat offers a light,fresh flavor profile and soft, pleasing texture, providing chefs and operators an excellent alternative to domestic blue crab meat. Harvested from the Gulf of California, no SAPP added. Available in Jumbo Lump, Super Lump, Lump, Special, Claw, and Colossal Claw Fingers.

Premium Blue Swimming Crab Meat

America's #1 brand of pasteurized crab meat. Wild-caught, hand-picked and processed at the height of freshness. Virtually shell-free and available year-round. Available in 1 lb. cans in Colossal, Jumbo, Super Lump, Lump, Special, Claw, Claw Fingers, and Culinary Jumbo; available in 8 oz. plastic tubs in Jumbo, Lump, Special, and Claw.

Seafood Appetizers

Make a delicious first impression with our irresistible seafood appetizers. From Eastern Shore classics like our Crab Pretzel and Crab & Spinach Dip to the authentic Asian-inspired flavors of our Shrimp Toast and Crispy Dim Sum, we have appetizers to please every appetite. Available in options for Retail and Foodservice.

Shrimp & Grits

A new twist on the Southern classic from the low country of the Carolinas. A combination of sweet plump shrimp, cheesy grits, and our traditional Seafood Seasoning make a hearty dish full of decadent flavor. Easy to prepare in the microwave –enjoy a complete, one-dish meal in minutes.

Tuna Burger

Our delicious and healthy tuna burgers are an easy gourmet upgrade to boring burger night. Made with wild-caught Yellowfin tuna and loaded with lean protein, these burgers are flaky and moist with a mild flavor that even the biggest beef fan will love.