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For over 100 years, people have trusted Phillips to mean seafood at its best. Phillips’ pasteurized crab meat, recognized nationwide as the category leader, is hand-picked & packed following the highest quality control standards. An extensive line of value-added seafood items for foodservice & retail, from award-winning crab cakes & seafood appetizers to gourmet seafood soups & entrées, has given both time-pressed chefs & quality-focused grocery consumers a wide range of easy-to-prepare menu options.


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Appetizers - Heat & serve frozen retail seafood appetizers from dips to Lobster Mac & Cheese to bakeable Calamari.

Crab Cakes

America’s #1 selling brand of frozen crab cakes! Why are our ready-to-cook crab cakes so delicious? Because we use our own restaurant-quality brand of crab meat and Shirley Phillips' famous recipe.

Handmade with real crab meat, no surimi.

Find out about all our retail Crab Cake products.

Crab Meat

Phillips Crab Meat stands out from the competition because of our rigorous quality control standards. The result is a premium quality, hand-picked product that is virtually shell-free. Phillips is able to create a dependable year-round supply by pasteurizing crab meat and achieving an 18-month shelf life.

Available in 16 oz. and 8 oz. containers in Jumbo, Backfin, Special, and Claw grades.

Retail Crab Meat product listings.

Phillips Cocktail Claws

Phillips Cocktail Claws are the first section of the crab claw with part of the shellremoved. Their stronger flavor profile makes Phillips Cocktail Claws ideal fordishes with heavy sauces and flavors & for use with dips. They're perfect forcatering or small plate appetizers: simply open and serve with Phillips CocktailSauce, wrap a claw finger with crab stuffing, or use them as a salad topping. 

Phillips Crab & Shrimp Cakes

Developed by Phillips Seafood Restaurant chefs, each Crab & Shrimp Cake ismade with Phillips crab meat and tender shrimp pieces. Roasted red peppers,celery, onion, and our own exclusive seasonings flavor these scrumptious cakes.Phillips Crab & Shrimp Cakes require no thaw time before cooking, are easy tobake or pan-sauté.

Phillips Crab Cake Minis

Made with Phillips’ famous seafood restaurant recipe, our mini crab cakes containsweet crab meat blended with a traditional mayonnaise-based sauce andseasoned with breadcrumbs, mustard, and Worcestershire sauce. 

Phillips Culinary Jumbo Crab Meat

Phillips Culinary Jumbo Crab Meat is competitively priced and made using a patented process of shaping 100% all natural crab meat into jumbo lumps with no artificial additives, it is perfect for crab cakes and other heated crab meat applications. Culinary Jumbo Crab Meat won the Seafood Excellence Award for Best New Foodservice Product at the International Boston Seafood Show in 2013.

Phillips Jumbo Lump Crab Meat

Phillips Jumbo Lump Crab Meat is prized for its impressive size, bright white color,and exquisite taste and consists of the two large muscles connected to theswimming fins of the crab. Jumbo Lump Crab Meat should never be broken up fora recipe; it is best used in upscale cocktail presentations or in sautés, where thesize of the lumps can really shine.

Phillips Maryland Style Crab Cakes

Based on the original Phillips Seafood Restaurant recipe developed by Shirley Phillips nearly 60 years ago, these cakes are packed full of delicious crab meat. A creamy Maryland style mix is accented by hints of tangy mustard and zesty lemon. A touch of butter ensures that they cook up to a rich, golden brown perfection every time. Easy to bake or pan sauté, our Maryland Style Crab Cakes offer a convenient restaurant-quality meal that you can prepare at home.

Phillips Salt & Pepper Calamari

One of the most popular appetizers in Phillips Seafood Restaurants, our Salt &Pepper Calamari can now be baked at home without sacrificing flavor or texture!Tender calamari is seasoned with salt and pepper and lightly dusted with aspecially formulated oven-ready breading. A sweet and spicy chili sauce isincluded for dipping. Ready from the oven in just 10 minutes.