Lijia Green Energy Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

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Seafood Expo North America

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LIJIA is specialized in aquaculture production and also provides consulting services for aquaculture technology. Taiwan's farming division of labor is very fine, the company is one of Taiwan's rare one-stop production of aquaculture companies; from the fish, spawning, nursery, until the fish farming are the scope of business, so the company's adult production and certification of origin?Our belief is Sustainable?Good faith?Quality ,just like, our service spirit is professional?image?efficiency. we emphasize on energy saving?carbon reduction and green technology for ecosystem.


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No.1, Chenggong Rd., Linbian Township
Pingtung County 927

Telephone: 886-8-8755208
Fax: 886-8-8750146
Contact email: [email protected]

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