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Seafood Processing North America

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Praxair provides nitrogen and carbon dioxide in liquid, cryogenic form for freezing, chilling and snowing seafood products. The equipment systems for freezing or chilling seafood are manufactured by Praxair to ensure efficient use of the cryogen gas to provide precise temperature controlPraxair oxygen and delivery systems maintain high dissolved oxygen levels in fish farming and other aquaculture applications


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7000 High Grove Blvd
Burr Ridge
United States

Telephone: 630-320-4000
Fax: 630-320-4508
Contact email: [email protected]

Praxair® ColdFront™ Box Snower

For filling corrugated shipping boxes to maintain ideal temperature for crab legs, lobster and other high value products.

Praxair® Cold Front™ Cryo-Saver Tunnel

New product introduction at SPNA helps conserve cryogen use by reducing the amount of room air infiltration into the freezer to allow more cooling power directed at the food product.

Praxair® ColdFront™ Even Chill System

For bulk product chilling in bins using carbon dioxide snow.