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Seafood Processing North America

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PureMolecular provides services and technology for genetic authenticity and microbial testing designed to ensure seafood quality.  We developed a genetic test that enables identification of the majority of fish labeled as “grouper” from fraudulent substitutes. We offer field instrumentation and reagent kits for “point of use” seafood verification as well as standard FDA recommended seafood authentication services.  Additionally, we offer a range of other assays targeting noxious microbes and are available for custom assay development.

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9815 Harrell Ave # 401
Treasure Island
United States

Telephone: 727-776-7217
Email: john@puremolecular.com


QuadPyre Device

The QuadPyre is a handheld RT-NASBA amplification device capable of running four independent analyses simultaneously.  The device can perform the GrouperChek assay, as w

GrouperChek Services

GrouperChek is a custom, real time nucleic acid sequence-based amplification assay (RT-NASBA) that is able to discern most legally salable grouper species from imposter fish.

FDA Recommended Seafood Authentication Services

PureMolecular also has the capacity to perform the FDA recommended procedure for generating DNA barcodes suitable for species identification of an unknown fish tissue sample.

Custom RT-NASBA Assay Design

We work with clients in the seafood industry who have needs for species determination other than grouper.  We begin the assay design process by performing an in-depth ge