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At QBAG, we understand the importance of sharing good food and great times with loved ones around the dinner table. This philosophy is what led us to create our premium range of cooking bags constructed from the thickest and strongest aluminum foil on the market. We’ve been in the retail food space for 15+ years, with millions of our products sold around the world every year. People just love the convenience of QBAG! They place their favorite ingredients, seasonings, and marinades into the pouch, and then fold the end to create a watertight seal. This seal keeps fish and seafood fresh all day, and stops smells from stinking out the fridge / kitchen! While some prefer to bake their meals in the oven, QBAG also works great when heated on a barbecue grill outdoors. This creates a fantastic opportunity for al fresco dining promotions in the Summer, as seen in The Kroger Co's 'Easy for You' Grill & Oven program last year. We look forward to meeting you at Booth #2570 to find out more and pick up a complimentary sample pack of our full range.


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4 Rhino Court
Station View
United Kingdom

Web: http://www.Qbag.com
Telephone: 00441619146471
Contact email: [email protected]

QBAG Smoker Grill Bags

Handy, lightweight and easy to use, brand new QBAG Smoker Grill Bags are ideal for use on gas and charcoal BBQ grills. Get the charcoal flavor on a gas grill! 
Smoke escapes through the holes on top of the bag to infuse with food cooking on the BBQ/grill. Close the grill hood for maximum effect. Experiment with different flavor wood chips, spices, loose tea leaves, or even fresh lavender for rich, aromatic flavours when smoking food outdoors. 
 By protecting the contents from direct fire & flames inside the aluminium foil bag, even the smallest of wood chips and shavings burn longer, without any mess. 
 Smoker Bags are easy to replace on the Grill for foods requiring a longer cook-time.

Retail-Ready Packaging for Food and Non-Food Retailers

In addition to product supplied in bulk cases for Ready-to-Cook grocery, Grab N' Go Grocery, Food Manufacturing, and Food Service applications, we also source all component packaging and assemble at our manufacturing site for shelf standing retail-ready products in-store.