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Sanso Electric is one of the leading manufacturers of pumps and motors based in Himeji, JAPAN with 65 years experience. Since we have a consistent design and production from the motor to the pump, optimum designs are possible from both the pump and motor sides. As a result, we can develop a compact, high-efficient, and the low-noise pump. As a new action, we, a pump manufacturer, are taking on the challenge of manufacturing products that use pump functions.


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This equipment dissolves gas in liquid efficiently, especially in water, generates and supplies gas dissolving water.It makes production lead time of fish or vegetable more shorter, cleans waster water, encourages faster growth of oil productive microalga.①High gas dissolved efficiency  ②Dissolution a gas by a small amount of water and under the low pressure  ③High corrosion resistance  ④Various types of gas can be dissolved (Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide, Nitrogen, Hydrogen, etc)

Self-priming centrifugal pumps(cast-iron and resin(hybrid), for seawater)

●Super low noise: Its hybrid design(resin casing with cast-iron coating on the outside surface)allows the sound-absorbing performance of cast-iron to take effect, resulting in super low noise. ●High efficiency and energy conservation: The one-piece optimized design of the motor and the pump realized high efficiency and energy conservation. ●Long life and high reliability: Materials of excellent corrosion resistance are used in the liquid contact part. The pump casing has the hybrid design in which the cast-iron outer shell and the resin inner liquid-contact part are integrated for high-pressure resistance. The design of the shaft seal part was established in the conventional product. These factors improved its reliability.