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Company Description:

Schur Flexibles Dixie was founded in 1953 and is located in Kempten, Germany. Since decades Schur Flexibles Dixie is one of the premier and most innovative producers of packaging solutions for the food industry.

Among others the product range of Schur Flexibles Dixie comprises:

Shrink bags and films based on PvdC materials

Skin films for specialized packaging solutions

Foamed and non-foamed PP (Polypropylene) semi-rigid base materials

Schur Flexibles Dixie is certified with BRC, Kosher and ISO 50001:2011.


Location & Contact Information:

Roemerstra├če 12

Telephone: 4983156160
Contact email: [email protected]

High-Definition Flexo-Printed Laminates

The Schur Laminate range comprises mostly 2 and 3 layer combinations of polyethylene, cast and biaxially-oriented polypropylene, polyester, and polyamide based on solvent-free and solving containing processes. Most of these films can be combined into an optimal solution, protecting your product and offering the vital sales support.

PA/PE Based Top- & Bottom Films (available with EVOH)

The new VACUflex HB and MB films belong to the best thermoforming films worldwide with surpassing properties (high transparency, puncture resistance and gloss).

Skin Films

The Schur Flexibles Skin film is a flexible and heat resistant skin packaging top film with EVOH barrier, high transparency, superb gloss and high mechanical strength. By using a special sealing polymer, the Skin film guarantees high pack integrity, can be pasteurized and heated in the microwave or in the water bath.