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Selonda was founded in 1981 and is Greece's largest producer of Sea Bass ("Branzino" / "Loup de Mer") and Sea Bream ("Dorade" / "Orata") with a production capacity of 40.000 tons at 55 sea-cage farms in Greece. Selonda can consistently supply a full range of high-quality fresh Greek Branzino and Dorade, from whole to GGS to fillets and butterfly cuts, harvested and shipped daily to 11 destinations in North America (New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Atlanta, Miami, Chicago, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Toronto and Montreal) as well as to any other new destination requested.


Fin Fish, Value-Added Seafood, Sea Bream, Sea Bass, Value-Added Seafood

Location & Contact Information:

Leoforos Kifisias 56
Marousi, Athens
151 25

Telephone: +302103724900
Fax: +302103724909
Contact email: [email protected]

Fresh Greek Sea Bass "Branzino" / "Loup de Mer"

Sea Bass, also known as "Branzino" was considered in Ancient Greece to be the smartest of all fish, as it was the most difficult to catch. Today, in modern Greece, it is so rare to catch one there is an expression "I caught a Branzino" that roughly translates as "I hit the jackpot". Selonda has been cultivating Branzino, North America's most popular Mediterranean fish, for over 3 decades in the clean, azure seas of Greece. Selonda can supply fresh Greek Branzino to any destination every day throughout the year. 

Fresh Greek Sea Bream "Dorade" / "Orata"

In Ancient Greece Sea Bream or "Orata", "Dorada" (meaning "Golden" in Italian and Spanish due to its golden "eyebrow") was considered to be the sacred fish of Aphrodite, the goddess of beauty, as it was considered to be the most attractive and tastiest fish.