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STEEN, for over 55 years, your expert in fish skinning machines for all kinds of fish. Next to skinning machines, various machines for de-boning, de-scaling, fin-tail cutting and eel processing machinery are available for you!


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A range of different versions is available for skinning a variety of fish, whole or fillets and for fine or rough work.

The STEEN ST111 machine can be equipped with a sharp knife and top roller providing extra safety as also it provides pressure for deep skinning salmon fillets whether they are fresh or smoked.

The machine can be delivered with a stainless steel stand on which an optional skin collector can be mounted.

The collector can be connected directly to your existing water drainage system on your work floor. This gives as extra advantage that the processing area stays dry and clean.

If you have to invest in a new and versatile skinner, it is advisable to consider STEEN for its reliability, low maintenance cost and production capacity, which makes it ideal for any type of processing.

ST504 eel gutter

Gutting machine for breed eel 5 up to 9 in one kilo vacuum installation and waste container included.

ST521 de-scaler

This fish de-scaler removes scales from all kinds of fish.

The fish de-scaling machine STEEN provides is very user friendly and well protected from spray water. The machine is designed for continuous use and is delivered with an extra spindle for larger scales.

The appliance can be connected to a grounded or non grounded wall socket. The shaft has four fold protections with layers of steel, one of insulating compound and one layer of plastic.

The de-scaler is safe in use and has long service life.

The machine is delivered with two spindles, including one for large scales fishand for salmon.

ST540 fin-tail cutting

The STEEN ST540 is designed to safely cut the fins and tail from any ordinary size of flatfish

ST591 pinbone remover

The STEEN ST591/K Pin-Bone remover is designed to remove bones continuously, including neck bones, in a flexible way with minimum waste and without gapping. The machine is very gentle to the fish and gives nice looking fillets.

The STEEN ST591/K has a proven reliability, it is very robust and popular amongst fish processors.

Improve your profitability:

Speed easily adjusted from the control box
No compressed air connections, nor compressor needed
Very easy to disassemble without use of any tools
Warm ergonomic handle, easy to use
Table or wall mounting


The STEEN ST600SVU skinning machine is designed to process continuously large quantities of whole fish or fillets at a high yield.

The STEEN ST600SVU skinning machine comes with various configurations to meet a wide range of product applications from fine to rough work.

The reliable STEEN ST600SVU skinning machine is easy to use with a low maintenance cost and is operated by a foot switch to provide extra safety for the operator.


With its impressive capacity of skinning 140 flatfish fillets per minute, it is no wonder that the STEEN ST600VU skinner is used all over Europe, Greenland, Far Oer and Canada by the larger processors.

With a simple setting or a quick change of the insert blade it will skin any flatfish fillet from the smallest plaice fillet to the larger black halibut fillets and of course almost any type of white fish fillet including large ling fillets.

There are no split tails and the fillets come out with this very special silky looking surface as required by the processors. Our definition of high yield cannot be matched by any machine on the market.

The machine can be set to remove the fatty layer together with the skin or it can be set for high yield skinning. This results in an optimal fillet for freezing. Therefore the machine is used by the black halibut processor in Spain, Scandinavia and Greenland.

ST600VR flatfish de-friller

Its impressive capacity of skinning and de-frilling 140 flatfish fillets per minute, it is no wonder that this machine is used by flatfish processors worldwide to their great satisfaction.

Choosing for the STEEN ST600VRU skinning & de-frilling machine means that there are no split tails and gives the processor a premium fillet.

The new generation of our flatfish skinning de-frilling machines incorporates that the top and bottom de-frilling units are one piece.

For cleaning you can open the unit while it stays on the machine. The de-frilling unit is also made adjustable. The water spraying system on the machine is divided so if one skinning lane of the machine is not in use the water can be shut off on that lane. At the outfeed of the skinning / de-frilling unit wheels are placed which avoid blocking of the fillets.


The STEEN ST700V has been designed to cut deeper and removes the dark meat from salmon and other fish such as tilapia, barramundi, walleye/pickerel and catfish

It produces a higher quality fillet.

The STEEN ST700V also meets the latest demands concerning hygiene and sanitation. The machine features a whole new stainless steel design which simplifies the cleaning of the machine and reduces cost on water usage.

The belting can be taken off from the conveyors without using any tools while the conveyor frame stays on the machine.

The complete blade-unit as also as the in-feed-rollers, can be removed without using any tool as well.

At the outside of the machine one can set the skinning knife which makes it easy for the processor to choose for high yield skinning or deep skinning, according to his customers needs. The STEEN ST700V also has a double in-feed which guaranties sufficient skinning capacity.


With the STEEN ST700T a variety of whole fish, or fillets can be skinned. This for both fine or rough work.

The knife setting is adjustable, making it possible to skin all kinds of fish or deep skin in the most efficient way. The knife is also dismountable, making it easier to clean the machine.

The STEEN ST700T machine can be equipped with a sharp knife and delivered with a stainless steel table.