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Products: Turbot, Sole, Caviar Aquaculture, Frozen&Fresh fish, VAP products


Fin Fish, General Category, Other Seafood, Value-Added Seafood, Sole, Sturgeon, Turbot, Aquaculture/Farm-Raised, Full-Line Fresh, Full-Line Frozen, Caviar, Value-Added Seafood

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C/ Letonia, Nº2
Edf. Quercus IP- B-2
Santiago de Compostela
La Coruña

Telephone: +34981837599
Fax: +34981761031


Savour the taste of our White Sturgeon caviar, raised totally sustainably in California. Sterling Caviar is part of Stolt Sea Farm which in turn is the aquaculture division of the Stolt-Nielsen LTD group.

Sole (Solea Senegalensis)

Exquisite and a mainstay of European cookery; a smooth, delicate flavour and very firm texture. Healthy, easy to cook and versatile, with few bones easy to remove.Brands: Prodemar, King Sole

Turbot (Psetta Maxima)

Known as the “pheasant of the sea”, it one of the noblest fish with an exquisite flavour and splendid white meat. With few bones easy to remove, versatile and really healthy.Brands: Prodemar, King Turbot