Taiwan Frozen Seafood Industries Assn.

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Under strict inspection and control standards for food quality and hygiene (ISO and HACCP certified), Taiwan offers worldwide consumers safety, high quality, and hygienic fishery products with great confidence and satisfaction. This year, the Association leads outstanding co-exhibitors, Grand Harvest Seafood, Shin Ho Sing Ocean Enterprise, Gallant Ocean International, A.O. Kingdom International, Fortune Life Enterprise, Ammon International, Land Young Foods, Forever Frozen Seafoods, Wen's Frozen Food, Qin Ye International, Champion Pacific and Wen Chi Seafood attending SENA 2017.


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11F-6 No 103 Chung Cheng 4th Rd

Web: http://www.tfsia.org.tw
Telephone: 88672411894
Fax: 88672519603
Contact email: [email protected]


Whole Round, Gutted & Scaled, Gutted, Scaled & Gilled, Skin on or Skin off Fillet

Frozen Mahi Mahi

Only the Best. Taiwan Mahi Mahi FIP Stakeholder.

Jane Jane Fish Ball

Your only one choice. Various, plentiful, delicious. 


Caught from unspoiled east coast of Taiwan, our Mahi-Mahi is rich in nutritions including fat-soluble vitamins, omega-3 fatty acids and proteins. Our product is processed under HACCP management with complete traceability and the 3rd party test report of Histamine and heavy metals. With high quality and reasonable price, our eco-friendly Mahi-Mahi product is your best choice.

Seasoned Seaweed Salad

Our seasoned seaweed salad features high-quality raw materials and contains an abundant of nutritions. Perfectly seasoned, cooked and packed, our seasoned seaweed salad is ready to eat after thawing. This delicacy can be served as an appetizer for all cuisines. Our product contains no artificial preservatives and we insist in producing low fat, low sugar and low sodium. Customer's health is always our priority. 


The quality of its flesh isexcellent and firm for steaks, canning or “Teriyaki” (grilled with sugar, soy sauce and rice wine in Japanese way). It can be cooked in ways which fragile fish cannot (such as over a grill on skewers).


The best quality of Sashimi grade products from Taiwan! 


Whole Round , Gutted & Scaled, Gutted, 

Scaled & Gilled, Skin on or Skin off Fillet