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«Ustkamchatryba»LL? was founded in 1997. The company has six fishing grounds for commercial fishing in the Pacific ocean, as well as offshore and onshore base processing, so it has a closed production cycle Our products are well known in Russian market and foreign fish markets (Japan , Korea , China) .The company has registration certificates for export to the Republic of Korea, China and the EU member states . The company produces wild salmon avoiding multiple freezing and preserving the nutritional value of all useful properties and guarantees high quality of its products.


Location & Contact Information:

Rybakov st 4

Telephone: 74152266123
Fax: 74152266882
Contact email: [email protected]


Caviar(Keta).District of origin: the Petropavlovsk - Commander subzone 61022. Neto weight- 1kilo. Suitable for 12 months at a storage temperature from -4 to -6 Food value in 100 gram of product: proteins-32;fats-15; Caloric content- 263 No ionizing radiation. Components: caviar,salt vegetable oil, preservatives E200, E211.

Nerka Size M

Nerka SizeM Gutted. First grade. Freezing by piece. Neto weight 25 kilo. Mass of theglaze is not more than 5 %. Suitable up to 12 months at temperatures not higherthan -18C. District of origin: the Petropavlovsk - Commander subzone. Made inRussia. 

Red salmon(nerka) slices smoked salted frozen

. Nerka slicessmoked salted frozen.Made of wild salmon-natural. Vacuum-Packed. District of origin: thePetropavlovsk - Commander subzone. Suitable for 6 months at a storagetemperature not above – 18 C. Defrost at the temperature not higher than 8C.Date of manufacture: 26.06.2016. Weight Neto:250 gr. Nutritional value per 100g:Proteins-21; Fat- 7; ; Caloric content- 147,0kkal. No ionizing radiation. Madein Russia

Red salmon(nerka) stew(ragout)

Nerka(fromnatural Pacific salmon). «Ustkamchatryba» Ltd. District of origin: the Petropavlovsk - Commander subzone. The productis ready for consumption without further treatment. Composition: fish, salt.GOST standard 32156-2013. Weight Neto 227gr. Suitable for 24 months at astorage temperature of 0 to 20. Food value in 100 gram of product: proteins-19;fats-10; Caloric content- 166