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Camino do Laranxo 17 interior

Telephone: 34986122549
Fax: 34986126983
Contact email: [email protected]

Argentine shrimp

Argentine shrimp processed in our factory certified with IFS and BRC. IQF HLSO, P&D, PDTO and EZP. We also offer HOSO and HLSO frozen on board and land frozen. Products can be offered either from origin or by pallets from Vigo, Spain. 

Fin Fish

NAFO - FAO 21 and 27: Red fish, Greenland and Atlantic halibut, Skate wings, American plaice, Yellowtail flounder and Cod. 
ARGENTINA - FAO 41:Argentine and hoki hake, Argentine squid, Skate wings and Kingklip. 
ECUADOR - FAO 87Yellowfin, Bigeye and Albacore tuna. 

Loligo falkland squid

Loligo Falkland squid. Product can be presented as WR, T&T (tube and tentacle) and rings & tentacles. 

Spanish octopus

Spanish octopus IQF, block and tray. 


Squid processed in our Chinese factory, mainly Todarodes and Illex in form of  cleaned tubes and rings. We can also supply Giant squid from South America. We also offer Illex whole round and dirty tube to process. Our factory is certified with IFS and BRC. Products can be offered either from origin or by pallets from Vigo, Spain.