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Seafood Processing Global 2021
Cold Storage

Leverage our temperature-controlled storage facilities across multiple locations around the world. Choose from our wide range of services that suit your business the best. From Individual Quick Freezing, Pre-cooling, Pick-and-pack to Labelling.

Cold Chain Solutions

Rest assured knowing that your fruits are given utmost care. From source to destination, our end-to-end solutions are created to give you world-class storage and cold chain services along the way.

Cold Chain Management

Make the most of our tailor-made solutions which will help you take smarter decisions on the move. Let your business enjoy better visibility, performance, and supply chain optimisation. From end to end.

Remote Container Management

From start to finish, make informed decisions with Captain PeterTM. Your products travel far and wide. Track every step of your produce’s journey and take key decisions based on up-to-date information, using our new Remote Container Management product: Captain PeterTM. Access Captain PeterTM from your phone, tablet and computer in just a few clicks. Simply log in on using your credentials and you’re ready to go!