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Editorial commentaries on the domestic and global seafood industry. 


Lately, headlines about Seattle’s booming economy are dominated by record-setting numbers of cranes, nation-leading spikes in home prices, and astronomical tech salaries. Old Seattle – the one that wears Extra-Tuffs – sometimes seems like it has disappeared behind the gleaming new Amazon towers.

But from harvesting to processing to marketing, Puget Sound is still enjoying a robust slab of revenue and employment from seafood, mostly from activities related to Alaska’s massive catch, worth...

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FishWise hit the headlines this week as the seafood consultancy released two updated white papers aimed at improving sustainability and social responsibility in seafood supply chains.

The organization, which promotes the health and recovery of ocean ecosystems through environmentally responsible practices, hopes that the new papers will help conservation and human rights NGOs, seafood businesses and stakeholders, to improve human rights and traceability throughout the industry.

One paper, “...

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Data from Chinese stock market filings shows the country’s big name seafood firms are struggling to generate significant growth from alternative business and that aquaculture remains surprisingly profitable, despite much publicly declared pessimism about aquaculture among Chinese industry figures.

Leading firm Zoneco is generating better margins from aquaculture than it is from its newer, much-hyped seafood import and distribution activities, while its new leisure division is taking...

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Americans certainly need healthier options like seafood – especially on Super Bowl Sunday.  It is one of the days of the years when they eat primarily junk food, including 28 million pounds of potato chips and more than 4.4 million pizzas.

Consumer Reports recently named SeaPak’s Jumbo Butterfly Shrimp as one of its top healthy appetizers for parties held during Super Bowl LI on 5 February. The shrimp contains 220 calories per serving (four shrimp) and 70 mg. of cholesterol.


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Since his swearing-in less than two weeks ago, United States President Donald Trump has not been afraid to act quickly and boldly – some might argue rashly – to make good on promises he made during his campaign.3 Trump Fish

The seafood industry already has much to digest in its analysis of how Trump’s policies will affect its bottom line. Many of Trump’s early moves have represented sharp deviations from American policy over previous decades, especially in regard to trade. Trump has hinted that he will...

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