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Heavy fishing has been reported in the cod and capelin grounds off of Iceland following the end of a labor strike that lasted more than two months.

A close vote in the early morning hours of Saturday, 18 February, resulted in several fishermen’s unions coming to an agreement with Fisheries Iceland, which represents the country’s commercial sector. The deal, which tackled a number of issues but particularly focused on falling pay for fishermen, was approved with 52.4 percent of the vote, with...

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Santander Bank has announced that its asset-based lending team has closed a USD 30 million (EUR 28.5 million) senior-secured revolving line of credit with Bonamar Corporation.

Bonamar, based in Medley, Florida, is an importer and processor of crabmeat and seafood products, and distributes its seafood to many major foodservice and retail grocery companies across the U.S. The company offers a variety of fresh, frozen and pasteurized formats through its popular brands, including the Sebastian...

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One of China’s key seafood exporting cities is worried that changes in international trade norms – and the more alarming disappearance of aquatic products from local seas – will harm Chinese seafood exports.

Possible trade protectionism in the United States under the administration of new President Donald Trump and a Japanese plan to end China’s “favored” tax status, along with political instability in South Korea, all bode ill for exports, according to a statement from the...

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Jack Flynn

Jack Flynn, CEO and founder of Mariner Seafood, has joined the board and executive committee of the National Fisheries Institute (NFI), the lobbying group for the U.S. seafood industry and a nonprofit dedicated to education about seafood safety, sustainability and nutrition.

Headquartered in New Bedford, Massachusetts, Mariner Seafood processes fresh and frozen seafood, including Alaskan salmon, Pacific ground fish, Gulf shrimp and Atlantic sea scallops, from two BRC-audited, SQF level 2...

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The following op-ed was submitted by the Sustainable Fisheries Partnership.

Recently, Carrefour announced its national outlets will stop selling pangasius, citing concerns about pollution from Vietnamese fish farms. Doubtless, many retailers will take inspiration from Carrefour to reexamine their own pangasius supplies. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but the recent news calls for a few clarifications, too, and as other retailers start to follow suit a reality check might be...

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