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Accusations have been lobbed against John West alleging that the U.K. tuna brand has been utilizing destructive fishing methods to obtain its tuna when it had promised consumers otherwise.

Environmental group Greenpeace ranked John West last in its latest League Table report, saying that just 2 percent of the company’s tuna is considered sustainable. According to Greenpeace, the company has been employing fishing gear and techniques that catch sharks and endanger turtles and other...

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Thai Union Group

Thai Union Group reaffirmed where its priorities lie in a 5 October press release crafted in response to a campaign launched by Greenpeace last week that challenged the company’s sourcing methods and its commitment to worker wellbeing.

“Thai Union is fully committed to the protection of the marine environment and to responsible sourcing; indeed, the future success of our business is inextricably linked to the health of the ocean and an ongoing and plentiful supply of fish,” assured...

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Menhaden Fisheries Coalition fishing

NOAA Fisheries' Chesapeake Bay Office recently updated its "Menhaden Facts" webpage and, in doing so, confirmed the sustainability of the Atlantic menhaden fishery, according to the Menhaden Fisheries Coalition.

The page update states that “Atlantic menhaden are not overfished, and overfishing is not occurring,” a conclusion NOAA based on the latest benchmark stock assessments for 2015. The 2015 Atlantic menhaden stock assessment came after years of research and observation courtesy of state...

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Acadian redfish

The Gulf of Maine Research Institute (GMRI) has been working for the past four years to promote underutilized fish species in the United States with its Out of the Blue program, and this week they are plugging the little-known Acadian redfish in a campaign stretching from Bangor to Boston.

The campaign, while focused on the Gulf of Maine region, has a wider message of asking the industry to think outside the traditional box, to find fish that are plentiful and taste just as good as more common...

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Thai Union Group

Greenpeace has launched a global campaign aimed at one of the world’s largest canned tuna companies, Thai Union Group (TU), urging that the producer take the necessary steps in ridding its supply chains of labor abuse and wasteful fishing practices.

Spurred by investigations and media reports from the New York Times and the Associated Press that connected Thai Union to human rights abuses and destructive fishing methods, Greenpeace USA made attempts to contact the company on 2 October.


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