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Editorial commentaries on the domestic and global seafood industry. 


A recent workshop hosted by Seafish, the United Kingdom’s industry authority on seafood, introduced the concept of a social license to operate in the seafood industry; what it means, why individuals and organizations should embrace it, and how it can help to boost sales.

A social license to operate (SLO) grew out of, and has become an extension of, the corporate social responsibility (CSR) movement, which is actively embraced by many, if not all, major seafood companies, retailers and...

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Workers in China’s aquaculture sector are getting older and fewer, forcing the country and its seafood industry to modernize and mechanize.

Wage growth slowed from a 21 percent year-on-year growth in 2011 to 7.2 percent in 2015, but there has still been a tightening of the labor supply for urban jobs like seafood processing, according to data from the National Bureau of Statistics. Slower economic growth has also meant slower growth in employment, which decreased from 5.4 percent year-on- year...

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Seafood sales have been enjoying a long-awaited upswing in the United Kingdom’s growing foodservice channel, but the Brexit decision may bring that progress to a sudden halt.

There has been a strong resurgence in the U.K. eating-out-of-home (OOH) consumption trend in recent years, which in 2016 began to filter through to seafood, with both spending on seafood and the number of servings growing faster than other center-plate proteins. However, a new report published by business advisory firm...

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China Mauritania

Perhaps no single man in China has been as involved in shaping that country’s approach to global fishing recently than Yu Kangzhen, China’s vice minister for agriculture.

Yu has been especially busy shaping China’s fishing industry both at home and abroad, forging policy on issues as varied as trade, IUU fishing and sustainability.

In the past few weeks, Yu made waves for his statements during a meeting with Mauritania’s minister for fisheries and maritime economy, Nani Ould Chrougha, during...

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In the June 23 SeafoodSourcewebinar, “Asia Rising: Discovering Seafood Trends and Opportunities Beyond the Headlines," a participant commented, “I'd be interested to know what are the main commercial ports (for seafood) in both Japan and China – and whether the fishing or cargo vessels landing there are usually national vessels or foreign.” This commentary seeks to answer that question as it related to Japan.

As for foreign vessels offloading catches, Mombetsu and Wakkanai, ports on the north...

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