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Kentucky-based Bluefin Seafoods has introduced AquaChile’s Verlasso salmon to more than 400 chefs, retailers and hotels in the Midwest and southern U.S. states of Kentucky, Ohio and Indiana.

“Like Bluefin Seafoods, we believe in providing high-quality, delicious fish that seafood lovers can feel good about buying,” said Scott Nichols, Verlasso director. “With our MBA seal of approval, Bluefin’s customers can trust the Verlasso salmon they’re serving in restaurants or in their seafood counter were raised sustainably and in a way that reduces dependency on over-harvested wild feeder fish stocks. They also can verify the moist, firm fish with bright eyes and delicate flavor they’re buying is Verlasso through the QR-coded gill tag we attach to every fish that traces it back to the farm where it was raised.”

“I have been in the seafood distribution business for more than 25 years and have never experienced such quick market acceptance for a product as I have witnessed with Verlasso salmon,” said Ken Berry, Bluefin Seafoods president. “Chefs are truly excited to be using Verlasso and they love the unique cooking attributes of the fish that work beautifully for a variety of preparation methods.”

Some of the new customers include: JW Marrott Hotel, Cerulean Restaurant, Highland Fish Market and Hyde Park Fish Market.


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