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Published on
September 19, 2017
Josh Onishi

Josh Onishi is the CEO and president of Peace Dining Corp., a holding company that operates about 560 sushi-centric dining locations globally, including more than 200 Genji sushi bars in Whole Foods Markets; Mai Cuisine, another sushi-focused concept; and non-sushi concepts such as Genji Ramen and Wok Street.  

SeafoodSource: How would you describe your company’s growth strategy?

Onishi: There are four key directions we&rsquo…… Read More

Published on
September 5, 2017

Julien Stevens is a research technician at Kampachi Farms, which is dedicated to expanding the environmentally sound production of sashimi-grade kampachi (Seriola rivoliana). Stevens work with the company’s Hawaii-based research and development facility in Kailua-Kona. Kampachi is also developing a commercial grow-out operation in La Paz, Mexico. 

SeafoodSource: What do you do in your role as a research technician for Kampachi Farms?

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Published on
August 8, 2017
Ed Rhodes, NFI

Ed Rhodes is the executive director of the National Fisheries Institute (NFI) Crab Council. The NFI is a non-profit organization dedicated to education about seafood safety, sustainability and nutrition. The NFI Crab Council was founded in 2009 and funds blue swimming crab sustainability projects through contributions from participating companies and grants from the World Bank and the Walton Family Foundation.

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Published on
July 18, 2017

Bantry Bay of America, based in Maryland, has gone from being a supplier of Irish-grown mussels to expanding its operation to Chile for mussel production. It added other seafood offerings under its Next Wave of Bantry label. Gary Werner is the CEO of Bantry Bay of America...Read More

Published on
July 5, 2017

Ross Swanes, president of Northern Fish Products in Tacoma, Washington, U.S.A., is the fifth generation working in the business founded in 1912. The company began as a fish smoking operation and is now a full-line distributor and is vertically integrated in key areas. Its operations include Northern Fish Alaska (salmon, halibut, and cod), South Bend Products (dungeness crab, clams, salmon, cod, and albacore tuna) and Northern Seafood Sales, a broRead More

Published on
June 13, 2017
David Carter

David Carter, CEO of Austral Fisheries in Australia, started his career in the seafood industry as a deckhand on a prawn trawler in 1978, after completing his science degree at Melbourne University. Austral has been in business for more than 40 years, beginning with its shrimp operation and then adding Patagonian toothfish and mackerel icefish to its offerings, all of which are now certified sustainable by the Marine Stewardship Council. The compRead More

Published on
May 23, 2017

Chris Mahony is vice president of sales and marketing for Omega Azul Seafood, which produces Baja kanpachi (also known as Almaco jack or kahala) at its aquaculture operation in Mexico.

SeafoodSource: What are the core or key tenets of your company’s business strategy and how do you feel this foundation guides your business moving forward?

Mahony: Customers and employees are Omega Azul’s greatest asset and (the positive) trea…… Read More

Published on
May 2, 2017
John Hathaway

John Hathaway is the owner of Shucks Maine Lobster in Richmond, Maine. The company produces value-added lobster products. 

SeafoodSource: What are the core or key tenets of your company’s business strategy and how do you feel this foundation guides your business moving forward?

Hathaway: Our goal is not to be the biggest, but to be the best at what we do. We're passionate about Maine lobster. It is the best “cel…… Read More

Published on
April 18, 2017

Fiona de Koning is the co-owner, business manager and head of sales for family-run Hollander & de Koning Mussel Farms, a bottom cultivation operation in Trenton, Maine. Theo de Koning, Fiona’s husband, is a fifth-generation mussel farmer from the Netherlands, who also serves as co-owner, boat captain and farm manager. Sons Alex and Max represent the sixth generation. Alex serves as the company’s processing manager, development engRead More

Published on
March 8, 2017

Doug Nucatola is one of the founders and CEO at Great Eastern Seafood, a Boston, Massachusetts-based seafood processor and distributor known for its production of North Atlantic groundfish and flatfish.

SeafoodSource: As one of the founders of Great Eastern Seafood, how have you seen the company evolve in its 35-year history?

Nucatola: We started as a quality and service company and we’ve always stayed with our founding principles. Over the y… Read More