Trapped Value / Strategic Dilemmas

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Seafood2030Trapped value emerges wherever system inefficiencies create blockages in value delivery. Consider the trapped value that has been released from libraries by search, from taxicabs by ride-hailing, from maps by GPS, from print media by the Web, from spare bedrooms by the sharing economy, from cable TV by streaming, or from landlines by wireless.” Geoffrey Moore, The Infinite Staircase

“Trapped value to entrepreneurs is like honey to bears: It attracts new sources of capital investment and new entrants eager to experiment in your markets and collaborate with your customers, suppliers, and other stakeholders. But the good news for established organizations is that, in our experience, incumbents can do as good—and often better—a job of releasing trapped value as even the most disruptive Silicon Valley start-up.” Forbes Magazine

Seafood2030 looks at how we can apply this thinking to sustainable seafood.