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We innovate food value chains We are an owner-managed business with more than 1,100 employees around the world. We design and engineer innovative and holistic solutions for all phases of professional food processing. As a provider of complete solutions, innovation is the driving force behind our continuing growth. We draw on the creativity and resourcefulness of our people at BAADER to stay ahead of other market players. We are key contributors toward the sustainable supply of safe food for a rapidly growing global population. Our mission is to continuously renew and improve value creation in food processing, from the handling of raw resources to the finished food product.


PROCESSING EQUIPMENT, TRACEABILITY SOLUTIONS, Batch Weighing Equipment, Conveyors/Conveying Equipment, Deboners/Deveiners, Filleters, Graders/Sorting Equipment, Headers/Gutters, Pin Bone Remover, Portioning Equipment, Processing Equipment, Separation Equipment, Shellfish Processing Machinery, Skinners/Scalers/Peelers, Slicers

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Postfach 1102

Telephone: 4945153020
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Contact email: [email protected]

BAADER 101 - Harvesting Solution

 "Growing fish is an expensive and challenging process, requiring ALL POSSIBLE CARE by trained personnel. Don't destroy your return by poor harvesting techniques - maintain high value!"

Low stress or "rested harvesting" with BAADER 101 

BAADER 144 - Salmon Gutting Machine


The new BAADER 144 Salmon Gutti ng Machine together with the new Speed Feed System is the game-changer in the

Salmon Industry.

BAADER 144 - as a successor of the well known BAADER 142 Salmon Gutting Machine is revolutionary in regards to speed, cleaning performance, working range and hygiene.

BAADER 601 - don't let anything go to waste!

A variety of raw product can be refined using this method for separating soft and solid components.

Fish Mince from trimmings, Standard fillets, collar bones, bones etc.