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Company Description:

“Nordian Group“ is joint forces of three companies - Limex solutions Gmbh based in Berlin, Germany, company JSC AG Seafood Lithuania based in Kaunas, Lithuania and JSC Gonas based in Taurage, Lithuania. JSC Gonas is in charge of modern “Nordian“ processing plant. Group memebers are experts in seafood product manufacturing and distribution via wholesale or retail markets. “Nordian“ also offering full service solutions from raw material sourcing to final product packaging. Our company meets most rigorous requirements in terms of quality and food safety.


Fin Fish, General Category, Services, Shellfish, Value-Added Seafood, Cod, Rainbow Trout, Salmon, Salmon-Atlantic, Salmon-Pacific, Sea Bass, Sea Bream, Aquaculture/Farm-Raised, Full-Line Fresh, Full-Line Frozen

Location & Contact Information:

Liziu st. 1, Liziu vil.

Telephone: (370)61601171
Contact email: [email protected]

Fresh salmon

Fresh salmon in skin pack packaging

Fresh salmon

Fresh salmon in tray skin packaging

Fresh Tuna

Fresh Tuna in skin pack packaging

Fresh Tuna

Fresh Tuna in tray skin packaging