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Company Description:

Sudrablinis SIA is a salmon roe, sturgeon caviar, lumpfish roe, masago, cheese cream with caviar and caviar replacement processing company based in Riga, Latvia with 18 years’ experience providing high quality caviar products. As a family-run business we focus on always bringing the best quality to the customer. We are a growing and developing enterprise that has launched several new products, like hot and cold smoked sliced salmon packed in innovative vacuum-packing system Darfresh.


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Location & Contact Information:

23 A. Dombrovska Str.

Telephone: +37125134144
Fax: +37167353261
Contact email: [email protected]

Caviar replacement

Caviar replacement. Red and black. 100g vacuumed glass jars. Made from fish bouillon, eggs and gelatine

Cheese cream with Caviar

Cheese Cream with Caviar is a unique new product developed by Sudrablinis, combining the best of cheese and caviar.Made on a smooth, creamy cheese base, made from high-quality dairy products, by adding wild Capelin caviar. The smoothness of the cheese colliding with crispiness and taste of caviar, brings a unique fresh bouquet of taste to life. Best served as an appetizer with vegetables or on crackers, as a filling for sushi or tortilla roll-ups and as a topping on grilled fish.

Cold smoked Norvegian Salmon/cold smoked wild Alaska salmon Nerka/cold smoked Danish Trout

Cold smoked (or lightly salted) Norvegian Salmon fillet/cold smoked (or lightly salted) wild Alaska salmon Nerka/cold smoked (or lightly salted) Danish Trout. Sliced and packed in innovative Darfresh packing. Done by centuries old salting and smoking traditions.

Lumpfish caviar

Lumpfish caviar. Packed in 50g, 100g, 300g and 500g glass jars. Black and red


Premium class sushi caviar Masago/Tobiko. Japanese style. Red, black, orange and wasabi. Packed in 40g and 80 glass jar for retail and 500g frozen plastic boxes for HORECA

Sturgeon caviar

Russian Sturgeon caviar. Packed in 56g, 112g, 300g and 500g glass jars

Wild Capelin roe

Wild capelin roe, packed in glass jars 50g and 100g. Available original, black and red color.

Wild Gorbusha salmon caviar/Wild Keta salmon caviar/Wild King Salmon caviar/Trout caviar

Premium class wild Gorbusha salmon caviar/wild Keta salmon caviar/wild King salmon caviar/Trout caviar. Packed in 50g, 100g, 300g and 500g glass jars