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Unifiller is a world leader in automated portioning equipment including depositors, transfer pumps, decorating equipment and full production lines. Unifiller specializes in precise depositing of all flow-able products including sauces, cheeses, dressings, soups, batters, liquids with particulates, chunks, stews, broths, pasta and other products. Unifiller equipment optimizes production by increasing production yield and reducing product waste so you can control raw ingredient costs.


Products & Services - Non-Food, Portioning Equipment

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7621 MacDonald Rd
V4G 1N3

Web: https://www.unifiller.com/
Telephone: 604-940-2233
Contact email: [email protected]

Hopper Topper Series

• Tool-free design for quick product change-over

• Adjust pump speed-flow as needed

• Gentle pumping technology maintains product integrity

• Photo sensor allows deposit accuracy through consistent hopper levels

• Pump and transfer continuously 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week

• Fewest parts means easy assembly and cleaning

Unifiller Hopper Toppers

Food Service and Bakery Transfer Pumps

The Unifiller Hopper Topper is a unique product transfer system that is specifically designed as an innovative solution to the many challenges faced by food producers today.

• Eliminate fluctuating deposit weights - equipped with an optic product sensor, the Hopper Topper maintains precise hopper levels.

• Streamline and control raw ingredient costs - by ensuring depositing accuracy and consistency.

• Maintain product integrity with pump technology designed to simulate hand scooping.

• Run production smoothly 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, making efficient use of production time.

• Avoid strain or injury - the standard HT has a unique tilt mechanism that allows for easy changing of bowls while the Powerlift quickly lowers or raises as needed with the flick of a switch. 

• Handle various products easily - the HT includes a flow control to adjust pump speed for different types of products.

For more information about Hopper Toppers or to view a video, visit www.unifiller.com

Universal 1000i

• Quick, accurate portioning - up to 120 cycles per minute
• Deposit range from 1 /3 oz. (9 ml) - 36 oz. (1064 ml)
• Heavy duty stainless steel construction with 5" casters
• One-turn calibrated depositor speed dial
• One-touch raising and lowering of hopper
• Tool free, full wash-down design
• Can be fitted with over 100 Unifiller attachments