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Shellfish, Lobster-Tails, Lobster-American, Lobster, Crab-Snow

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64 Gautreau Street
Cap Pele
E4N 1V3

Web: http://www.westmorlandfisheries.ca
Telephone: 506-577-4325
Contact email: [email protected]

Live Lobster

Westmorland can offer live lobster in all grades and packaging formats upon request.  The company now has access to a new live holding facility in Prince Edward Island via a sister company, Maritime Select Lobster.

Lobster Meat

Our hand-packed lobster meat is cooked, frozen and packaged in vacuum-sealed bags available in a range of varieties and pack sizes.  Mastered in 12 lbs, Cooked Frozen Available in 1 lb and 2 lb Vac-Pack Plastic Bags.  CKL Meat (Claws-Knuckle-Leg); CK Meat (Claws-Knuckle); BL (Body-Leg); Regular Meat; Broken Meat; Knuckle Meat; Claw Meat; Tail Meat. Also available in 12 × 11.3 oz cans (320 g) or 6 × 32 oz cans (907 g).

Raw Frozen Lobster Tails

Discerning food service and retail customers look to for top-quality lobster tails ready for the oven or the grill.  Our Rocky Point® lobster tails are produced only from carefully selected lobsters, brine frozen and glazed to optimize flavor and freshness. They are also available in easy-cut format. Mastered in 10 lbs Master Carton. Available sizes range from 2-3 oz to 24+ oz.

Snow Crab

We now offer our Rocky Point® snow crab... one that builds
 on its hard-earned reputation as
 a trusted and superior quality brand. Our processing facility is ideally located close to the world-renowned snow crab fishing grounds of the Southern Gulf of St. Lawrence.  Mastered in 30 lbs bulk pack, our snow crab clusters are available in the following sizes: 4+ oz, 5-8 oz, 8-10 oz, 10+ oz and 12+ oz.

Whole Cooked Lobster

Our hand-packed lobster is wild caught
 and available in wide assortment of products
 and pack sizes to fill customer needs.  We offer whole cooked lobster available bulk packed, individually netted or split.  We also produce whole cooked lobster in brine (“Popsicles”), cooked frozen and available in all sizes.