Alfa Gamma Seafood Group

7850 NW South River Drive
United States
We are a fishing company operating over 400 vessels and 6 processing plants in 7 different countries. Our core species are snapper, grouper, swordfish, tuna, mahi-mahi, corvina, blue crab and conch.

We own the fishing vessels and the processing facilities, allowing us to trace our product to the fishing vessel, time of catch and latitude and longitude of harvest.

We have custody of the entire supply chain, from the moment of harvest through final delivery to our customers, enabling us to pack our products to our customers' exact specifications and top quality expectations. The increased efficiencies inherent in total vertical integration result in better products and reduced cost.

We pack our seafood products to customers exact specifications.

We sell both frozen and fresh seafood and custom pack under private label and our own brand.
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