Anritsu - Product Inspection & Detection

XR75 Fish Inspection X-Ray Systems

The new X-ray system is engineered for the harsh environment of fish plants with a full IP69k washdown rating and features the company’s newest ultra-high-resolution dual-energy sensor as well as a thorough sanitary design. This includes a fully sealed belt with a blue tracking guide, heavy-gauge steel construction, a curtain-free “touchless” design, and more. In addition to its high performance, the super-long-life and ultra-high-resolution sensor makes for outstanding TCO and reliability. See a demo of the machine here.

SSV Checkweighers

The SSV-h Checkweigher is a great cost-effective solution for packaged food and pharmaceutical products that need to meet stringent accuracy and reliability standards. It is equipped with a force balance load cell that produces faster response and readings with maximum accuracy of +/- 0.01 g. The Smart Measurement Function uses improved signal processing, filtering, and scale resolution to reduce rejections due to double product errors. The giveaway feature calculates product excess both as total weight and percentage, allowing you to adjust filling levels and reduce costs.  VIEW SSV CHECKWEIGHERS

M6 Metal Detectors

The M6 series is the result of Anritsu's 40+ years of experience in metal detection equipment. The machine comes with outstanding standard features that you would normally find as premium options: a proprietary dual-frequency technology for the simultaneous detection of ferrous and non-ferrous metals; a design that ensures consistently reliable detection with minimal product effect or interferences from the environment; an auto-learn function that selects the best settings for any given product (including the ideal belt speed) from 10,000 possible algorithm combinations; a built-in troubleshooting function that minimizes false rejects. For new users, the M6 series is also extremely easy to clean and operate, thanks to its set-up wizard, tool-free belt removal, and automatic belt tensioner. VIEW METAL DETECTORS

SSV Checkweigher & M6 Metal Detector Combination

This combo system brings together the weighing accuracy of the SSV-h series and the outstanding metal detection capabilities of the M6 series into one unit. It's a great solution for industrial, pharmaceutical, and packaged food products that need to meet stringent safety and quality standards in non-washdown environments. The checkweigher uses a fast-responding force balance load cell that provides readings with maximum accuracy of +/- 0.01 g and features Anritsu's Smart Measurement Function, which reduces unnecessary rejects due to double product errors. The metal detection unit is equipped with Anritsu's proprietary dual frequency technology for the simultaneous detection of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. All settings and inspection data are easily controlled from one panel. VIEW COMBO SYSTEMS

Performance360 Service & Support Program

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