Arde Makine

Seafood Processing Line

Arde Makine pioneers reliable and high-quality food processing through automated digitalization. Our experience and customer portfolio proves that we are a young and dynamic brand, as well as the different systems we use: Check Weighers, Grader (Sorters), Filleting, Coding, Labeling systems, Hopper scales, Conveyor systems and any more, we aim to be the leader in this sector.  In these highly competitive food businesses, we offer new systems and solutions by making the best use of the latest technologies such as automation and robotics. Arde Makine has become one of the leading organizations by cooperating with qualified customers and ensuring the development of quality. Fish Grading Line: This solution is designed to process SeaBass, SeaBream and Throut 100-110/ppm and for salmon 55-60/ppm.  This capacity, accuracy and performance depends on regular feeding, the type and condition of the processed material, settings of the machine and the operating environment. In the next step, from the tub lifter or receiver tank ( fish washing tank ) , slotted conveyor transfers the fish from the de-watering table to the in‐line conveyor.  The operators pull the fish over to the conveyor and put them in to the slots with the head facing the product direction.   * In-line accelerator conveyor: This flat conveyor accelerates the fish as they fall through the conveyor slot to create enough space between each fish to allow accurate individual weighing as they pass through the dynamic weighing unit. * Dynamic Weighing Unit (with batching): The dynamic weighing unit weighs the fish and selects the correct bin or gate according to its weight, and then sends it to the discharge unit. In optimal condition and with correct feeding, the dynamic scale has 100-110/ppm capacity for SeaBass, SeaBream and Throut and 55-60/ppm for fresh salmon. * Batching bins with automatic closing grader for Fish and similar products is especially designed with collection trays for presentation of fish before packing into trays, and angled packing table. Salmon Gutting Line: The Salmon Gutting Line for salmon and other fish species is designed. The machine can be used for further purposes, such as extracting spawn for caviar production. The semi-automatic gutting provides a quick and clean station for the gutting of the fish. The waste is disposed of via Vacuum Spoons and Pump,for cleaning the area and ensuring an ergonomic workstation. Automatic Be-Heading Machine: In this system pneumatic, V-cutter is used. Fish weights are determined between 1-12 kg and has a head cutting capacity of 45-55 fish/min. The dimensions of the device are designed as 1700 x 800 x 1300 mm. The air pressure is 7-9 bar, air consumption is 1000 Lt/min and standard power connection is 0.5 Kw. In adition the device is easy to clean and hygienic.