Flagship Salmon Filleting - BAADER 581 Pro

Most Powerful and Advanced The BAADER 581 Pro offers reliability, stability, great yield, and product quality. It represents the newest generation of robust, reliable and intelligent filleting solutions for salmonides. It is approved by a great number of customers due to its reliablity and high quality output. The BAADER 581 Pro is the further development of the popular BAADER 581. With the optional dynamic back knife, it offers outstanding possibilities for increasing the yield of the fi

The Return of a Legend

Optimal Whitefish Filleting with Full Digital Control BAADER 189 Pro is the the successor of the most iconic filleting machine ever made for whitefish. Evolved from the celebrated BAADER 189, the updated version delivers a cleaner cut with better yield than before. Originally engineered in Germany the machine will now be manufactured in Iceland. The new BAADER 189 Pro is the result of innovative minds coming together to create a revolutionary machine that keeps up with the demands of modern fish processing.  Our trusted mechanism has been updated with a dynamic belly knife and digital controlled filleting knives.  A stainless steel body is easy to clean and maintain, preserving food safety and minimizing operational costs. The new BAADER 189 Pro is an efficient, robust filleting machine that processes gutted and headed whitefish with full digital monitoring of power and water consumption and recipe management.

Digitalization & Software Solutions

As a full solution on demand technology provider, BAADER offers dedicated food processing software tools that bring you next level traceability, production- and quality control.  Our software solutions help youto make the right decisions and fulfil the ever-growing demands for food safety, better raw material utilization and sustainability.  

Value Adding Utilization

Throughout each step of the processing line, our equipmenthelpsfacilitatingthe 100% fish utilizationobjective. We design each of our solutions with the highest raw material usage and efficiency in mind. From the cleanest gutting to the highest quality fillet, with BAADER´s solutions you can rest assured to generate the highest value.  

Solutions on Demand

We deliver customised, intelligent solutions from a single source, offering you maximum yield and flexibility in the processing of mostly all major industrial fish and seafood species.  Make the best use of your resources: We are here not only to present you high-performance stand-alone solutions. We also work with you on comprehensive wall-to-wall systems tailored to your requirements – in terms of performance, size, functionality, and operability. Let us work together to design the efficient and flexible solutions that will make you more adaptable to modern market conditions and less dependent on labour shortages.  Whetherwhitefish, sea bass, redfish, crab, salmon, pelagicortuna, wehelpyoutoachieveyourgoals and evengobeyondthem – in a resource-saving and sustainableway!