Bluefina - The World's Finest Bluefin Tuna

2305 Historic Decatur Rd
San Diego
United States
Bluefiná is wild caught under responsible, sustainable management practices compliant to global scientific quota assessments and regional fisheries regulations. We are focused on ensuring the protection of the species for future generations, and are committed to ensuring all divisions of our business operations are conducted with environmentally sustainable practices and traceability from capture to ranching to your plate.

We harvest 100% natural sustainable feed from the beautifully pristine Pacific Ocean and feed it to our Bluefiná. Our passion is to produce the world's best bluefin, not the most. Our wild free-range ranching concessions are located within, The Pacific Islands Biosphere Reserve which covers more than 2.7 million acres. These designated government-sanctioned reserves are designed for the perseverance of sea life for future generations promoting sustainable growth while also protecting ecosystems.
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