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SIMBA: Real-Time Automation for Seafood Processors

Organize your process from the plant floor up, labeling, tracking and tracing every step in real time. Eliminating keyed entry and handwritten notes. Reducing training time. Making things like audit reports, inventory reports and bills of lading a matter of a couple of clicks. All of it custom fit to your process, so you can keep doing what you do, but better.
SIMBA from Dynamic Systems Inc. includes: End-to-End Traceability, Accurate Audit and Recall Reports, Fast and Accurate Production Details, Professional Labeling (product, pallet, custom designs), Streamlined Shipping, Integration (scales, sorters/conveyors, accounting systems).
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SIMBA Solutions

LABEL IT, Then Never Enter Data Again At receiving, plant workers use simple, custom-designed on touch-screen tablets or workstations to quickly enter raw material information, then print and affix a barcoded label to the or bin, so it’s easy to track from that point on. TRACK IT, Even As Raw Material Becomes Multiple Products As a raw product moves through your plant, SIMBA follows it in real time, following every piece of the item as you cut it into different products and lots. You’ll always know exactly what you have, where it is, and how much remains available to process or sell. TRACE IT, Showing Where Every Item Came From Even after dividing raw material into dozen different kinds of products, you can trace every item back to its origins. Throw away pen and paper. Stop constantly updating spreadsheets. SIMBA automates plant floor tracking and tracing, simplifies receiving, keeping accurate records even as you divide material into different lots and products. SIMBA is a full-plant solution to labeling, inventory tracking, back-tracing, and ERP accounting integration. Flexible, customizable, affordable, easy to use and easy to learn.