Grasselli Spa

OSL - Smart Vertical Slicer On Weight

High yield portion slicing, both on weight and on thickness OSL allows division of the product in different sections, delivering perfect portions on weight or on thickness according to the recipe. Advanced recipe settings for major accuracy OSL provides different functions and working recipes, allowing to optimize the slicing process with highest yield and quality of slice. Extreme precision in delivering the target result OSL recognizes the shape, size and traits of the incoming product and can be set to look for the desired weight exclusively within a specific set of dimensional parameters. Waste optimization OSL can process products of various shapes, weights and sizes, automat­ically adapting the slicing process and recipe to each incoming product in order to minimize waste. Save time on mechanical adjustments Recipes can be easily finetuned through the software. Save time avoiding any manual settings of the machine and quickly try new recipes without the need of ordering and installing new/special parts. Live stats and assistance Thanks to the Internet connection, OSL can deliver live production statistics directly on your PC and provide you with live assistance to reduce machine downtimes. Make maintenance quicker and more effective Thanks to its diagnostic software, the OSL helps your maintenance team to be more effective through a constant information flow on running conditions and a quicker identifica­tion and resolution of any issue. The first step to a Fully Automatic Slicing Line for Trays on Weight In Line with the Horizontal Slicer KSL DV, OSL allows for high yield slicing of on-weight portions, ready to be positioned into trays.

KSL - Horizontal slicer

With a cutting capacity of over 2,000 kg/h, KSL delivers extreme precision in the thickness of the slices. Ideal for a variety of applications: As the market standard horizontal slicer with hundreds of machines sold worldwide, KSL is able to cut most fresh or cooked, positive temperature products in perfectly parallel slices thanks to the Grasselli multi-blade cutting system. Field proven productivity: KSL has proven to deliver a cutting capacity of over 2,000 kg/h depending on the product conditions. Easy sanitation without any tools: Cutting-edge design with continuous welding and rounded edges to ensure optimum hygiene. No tools necessary to prepare the machine for sanitation and no parts to be disassembled. A variety of options for the highest performance: With a working width of 380 mm (KSL 400), 600 mm (KSL600) or 380 mm + 380 mm (KSL800 – double lane), KSL can be equipped with conveyor belts with differentiated grip to better suit the product infeed process. Robust construction: The frame is built completely in food-grade non-radioactive stainless steel and the pieces subject to mechanical stress are produced with special heat treated steel, to ensure superior hygiene and longevity.

NSA XC Vertical Slicing machine for cooked product

Complete in-line solution, even straight from the oven NSA XC allows to slice a continuous flow of hot or fresh/chilled product completely in line with no need of handling by the operator. Incredible productivity and yield With a 600-working width, NSA XC delivers superior productivity up to 4 tons/hour and up to 97% yield. Superior slicing quality Thanks to the gentle slicing technology typical of the Grasselli machines, the new NSA XC can deliver superior slicing quality with no need of previous preparations (e.g. chilling, forming, etc.). Quick preparation for sanitation and no bacterial risks NSA XC is designed to get a thorough sanitation on both external surfaces and inter­nal compartments (B version). All the compo­nents working in the food area are easily re­movable for sanitation without the use of any tools. Flexibility Thanks to a user-friendly interface, NSA XC is very flexible in the definition of recipes and machine configurations, including the possibility to use it as a pass-through belt when not in operation to avoid the downtime of moving the machine out of the line. Live stats and assistance Thanks to the Internet connection, the new NSA XC can deliver live Production statistics directly on your PC and provide you with live assistance to reduce machine down­times. Save time on mechanical adjustments The option of the quick blade change minimizes the time needed to change the slicing set.

NAB 520 SS - Automatic Fish Skinner

Efficient skinning and derinding: Thanks to the adjustable infeed belt in relation to blade and toothroll NAB520 ensures perfect skinning and derinding operations. In-line solution: With fully automatic infeed and outfeed, NAB 520 is the ideal automated solution for in-line processing, complete with height-adjustable outfeed conveyor belt. Superior Durability: Exclusive toothroller made from special high-resistance steel for greater durability and constant efficiency over time. Easy and thorough cleaning:  Cutting-edge design with continuous welding and rounded edges to ensure greater hygiene without the need for any tools. Conveyor belts can be opened for perfect washing and improved hygiene. Maximize productivity:  Product pressure roller with hydraulic control, fully adjustable, and various types of rubber rollers for all applications. Easy access for maintainance:  All major mechanical and electrical components are accessible through two side panels, making access easier for maintenance purposes.       Robust construction: Machine base made entirely in ultra-thick, food-grade non-radioactive stainless steel.

T300 F - Compact membrane skinner for fresh fish

Ergonomic working table Ergonomic working area and free work table for better handling of the product during processing. Place it wherever you want With its compact dimensions, T300 F requires minimum space and is ideal for stores and large kitchens. Easy sanitation Extremely easy to clean, with no tools needed to prepare for the sanitation process. Efficient, neat processing T300F is fitted with a container for collecting the skins to prevent them from falling, allowing the water used during processing to be drained away. Durable Tempered toothroller to improve durability and ensure longevity.

ST200 - Strip cutter for fresh boneless products

Perfect for restaurants, catering companies or fishmongers ST200 can be convertible in a few seconds from a machine for the production of  strips and cubes of fresh boneless products into a tenderizer without the need of any tool. Easy access for maintenance and sanitation Easy sanitation thanks to the minimum footprint on table and tool-free, full access to the cutting or tenderizing sets for either cleaning or replacement.     Great capacity for cutting and tenderising fish High capacity for both slicing and tenderizing without the need to trim or chill the product before processing, including in-line option thanks to the in and out feeding conveyors. Intuitive to use User-friendly, no need of any skilled Grasselli technician for the start up. Put the machine wherever you want By adding the dedicated optional stainless steel basement, ST 200 can be transformed into a independent machine, easier to move within the processing area, with no pneumatic connection needed.

MS520 + CLO - Membrane skinner and derinder

Ergonomic working table Ergonomic operating height and in­feed area to improve product handling and safety. Save your operator’s hands Complete safety for the operator thanks to the innovative CLO safety system able to prevent any harm to the skinning machine operator. With CLO, Protection instantly activated at contact with any dangerous working area, with immediate reversed rotation of the toothroller preventing any harm to the operator’s hands Different options for superior productivity Multiple types of toothroll available (including dual pitch) for specific applications and for greater productivity. Efficient Sanitation Modern design with continuous welding and rounded edges to ensure greater hygiene. No parts to be disassembled for cleaning and sanitation operations. Maximize productivity High toothroll speed to improve production rates. Easy access for maintenance The motor, wiring and mechanical parts can be easily accessed from two side panels. Robust construction Machine base in food-grade non-ra­dioactive stainless steel, and toothroll in special, highly resistant steel for greater du­rability and constant efficiency over time.  PF Option available PF option available for thicker membranes, easily adjustable thanks to the lever regulating the derinding thickness.