Colin Bennett

Reporting from Santiago, Chile

Colin Bennett is an Iowa native now based in Santiago, Chile. Over the last 10 years Colin has covered a variety of topics in Chile and other Latin American countries. Food and the industry behind it has emerged as one of his favorite subject matters, from seafood to fruit, farming to retail. Colin enjoys examining the details which make the difference for these global industries that call Chile and its neighbors home.

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Published on
December 13, 2018

Chilean protein producer Agrosuper has received approval from authorities in Chile and the United States to go forward with its planned public offer of shares (OPA) to acquire 100 percent of Chilean salmon farmer AquaChile.

The deal was announced in August of this year. In Chile, the government’s national economic authority (FNE) found that the purchase would not result in undue concentration of the market, ruled out any

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Published on
December 10, 2018

Chilean salmon farmer Camanchaca said an increase in the harvest and sale of salmon during the third quarter of 2018, along with improved sanitary conditions for Atlantic salmon, led to an increase in many of its financial metrics.

Revenue for the quarter increased 59.7 percent year-over-year to reach USD 156.7 million (EUR 137.6 million) in the quarter. Revenues for the accumulated nine months of 2018 reached USD 482 million (EUR 423 million),

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